Understanding the Benefits of Creating Slideshows as Online Video Content

Slideshows as Online Video Content

People generally think of slideshows as tools for presentations – which they certainly are. However they are much more than that, and you could even create a slideshow as online video content.

It is true that slideshows aren’t able to deliver information in the unique visual manner of conventional videos. That being said they have other benefits that form a compelling case for using them as online video content:

  • Able to deliver information in an audiovisual form

Slideshow videos can include both audio and visual content, allowing them to deliver information in a more effective and engaging manner. Typically slideshows are either narrated with a voiceover or use background music to drive the message – or both.

To put it simply slideshows are second only to videos in this regard, and able to engage viewers more effectively than content that is visual or audio only.

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  • Inexpensive to produce

Compared to videos that often require a sizable budget, slideshows cost a lot less to produce. Not only does it require less equipment, but the equipment and logistics that it does require generally costs less too.

All that is really required to create a slideshow is the software and a computer, as well as the audio and visual material it needs to contain. For example you can look at these 3 easy ways to turn pictures into video.

  • Can be created quickly

The time that it takes to create videos is significant, and aside from the planning there is the recording and post-production to deal with. In contrast slideshows can be created more quickly, even factoring in the time that it takes to create or source the audio and visual material.

  • Easy to create

Few other types of online content are as easy to create as slideshows. If all the materials are ready, compiling a slideshow should be easy enough – the only challenge being the design of the slides.

The only other are that can be a bit tricky is sourcing or producing the audio and visual material for the slideshow. However there are easy alternatives to that, and it can either be outsourced or royalty-free music and photos can be used.

  • Versatile and can be published in other forms

Slideshows are versatile and can be published in other forms – the most notable of which being as slideshows. While that will lose them the audiovisual advantage, it will enable slideshows to reach a different audience and take advantage of platforms such as SlideShare.

To sum it up, slideshows are a quick, inexpensive, and easily-created type of online content that share many of the advantages of conventional videos. On top of that they can be easily published in other forms without requiring nearly as much repurposing as most other types of content would.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the benefits of creating slideshows as online video content, you should be able to see why they are an attractive proposition and should definitely be considered carefully.

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