3 Killer Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

3 Killer Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing was once a bait, then a fad and now a reality. It has skyrocketed since it first made its mark.

This holds true because of the change in the purchasing behavior of people in the last couple of years. You might have seen and realized that women no longer rely on celebrity endorsements. It is because consumers these days seek product recommendations from knowledgeable and credible resources. Often, these qualities come in the wake of social media influencers.

Basically, social media influencers are people like us who have earned substantial following and loyalty because of their expertise and knowledge in a particular niche. Unlike celebrities, influencers give honest reviews and share valuable information with their followers.

This is the primary reason the influencer market has lately seen an incredible surge. Also, it goes without a saying that more and more people want to become an influencer because of the promising rewards it offers.

So if you’re looking to become the NEXT big influencer of Gen Z, follow these steps.

  1. Find your niche(and get obsessed)

The first thing you should to do is to find a topic that you’d be covering across all your social media platforms. The more specific information you’ll give, the better it would be and the less competition you’ll face. Find something you’re genuinely interested in, and people have a natural inclination towards it. It can be a childhood hobby, a passion you want to pursue or your professional skills—the key is to give your best to the topic you’re bringing up.

It will benefit you in two ways.

  • You’ll not get bored, and you can show your potential in your tweets, photos, videos and through other mediums
  • It will fuel your creativity. The more you stick to your topic, the more value you would be able to provide.

Once you’ve finalized the topic, consume everything about it. Follow the news and trends related to it, get expert opinions and analyze different perspectives. The key is to know things before other influencers and give your fair share of knowledge on your social media handles. Highlighting your share allows you to stand out and win your audience trust.

  1. Make a plan

Once you’ve all the information in the world about your subject, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and wear your strategizing hat. This includes planning a content strategy which revolves around questions like what is your intent behind making this video. What message do you want to pass on to your viewers? Which tone will resonate with your target audience? It is also the time to let your creative juices flow. Keep in mind that you need to produce, edit, and publish your content. Make a proper plan to streamline your workflow and what should you post when. Research on what’s the ideal time to post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Further, dig into these social media giants to find out the average time a viewer would like to spend on your channel. You can also find this by doing a competitor’s analysis. Knowing these things beforehand will help in preparing a strategy.

  1. Go Social

If you see yourself as the next best social media influencer, you need to find a target audience that will appreciate and consume your content. Along with that, networking with fellow influencers in similar niches is also crucial. It is good to start with one or two platforms, let say Twitter and Facebook. The idea is to stay consistent and provide solid content. For each network, you sign up, write an eye catch biography, insert relevant links that redirect to your other social media handles and keep the same tone and description across all of them.

Believe in yourself and be consistent in providing high-quality content. Just like an iron slab is hammered a thousand times to mold into an iron rod; similarly, you also need to give your heart, blood, and soul to achieve your dreams.

All the best for your future!

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