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MCAT Prep Apps

I’ve been studying for my Medical College Admissions Test for several months now, and around a month ago I hit a bit of a roadblock. I was tired of staring at my textbooks and study guide, and I knew I needed to find something to make studying more entertaining and less of a chore. After all, the MCAT is a big deal for anyone (like me) who wants to become a doctor, and I knew I needed to narrow my focus.

I confided in a friend of mine who took the MCAT last year, and she recommended I try MCAT prep test mobile apps. I hadn’t even thought of using apps before, so I decided to do some basic internet searches to see if I could find which ones were most useful for other MCAT takers, and in the process, I came across a website that lists the top 10 best (and highest rated!) MCAT apps for both Android and iOS. I’ll leave a link here so you can look too.

Best 10 Apps for MCAT

I am so glad my friend mentioned looking at apps, because – thanks to the apps I found on AppGrooves – I have been having so much more fun studying for the MCAT. What I’m studying is really sinking in, and my practice test scores have skyrocketed. I’ve listed my favorite three apps below, so if you or someone you know is preparing to take the MCAT, you can add one or all of these apps to your studying repertoire.


Use Mnemonics for More Thorough Studying with Pre Medical Mastery

Pre Medical Mastery is really amazing because it contains over 1,600 practice questions that cover all of the topics in the MCAT; it even has a special section focused just on critical analysis and reasoning. There is also a comprehensive list of MCAT mnemonics that are really helpful for remembering more advanced medical concepts. And, if you think you might be struggling, there’s a subject progress tracker to help you identify the areas you do well in and which ones need additional focus. Best of all, everything is available offline, so you can practice even if you don’t have internet access.

Pre Medical Mastery is a really high-quality study tool, which is great, but it doesn’t come for free. You do have to pay for the app, and while I do, personally, think it’s worth it, this is something you may want to consider before downloading.

Test Your Memory with More Than 1,000 Flashcards Using Ready4 MCAT

With more than 1,000 MCAT flashcards and over 70 lessons to study (all created by the Princeton Review and tested by top med students), Ready4 MCAT makes it really easy to memorize the all of the key topics, which is super helpful if you’re trying to study efficiently. The app is also really nice because it tracks the progress you make and suggests places where you need additional studying. You have the ability to adjust any of 1,600+ practice questions to fit your needs, making them easier and then harder as you go, which is perfect for someone who is just starting.

Like Pre Medical Mastery, Ready4 MCAT is not free. However, I will say that spending money on a helpful app like this one is much better than paying $2,000 on MCAT courses. Of course, that’s just my opinion, you’ll have to determine that for yourself.

Take Practice & Diagnostic Exams with MCAT Prep

MCAT Prep has full-length practice tests with questions written by professionals that cover both the technical areas of biology and chemistry as well as critical thinking skills. Everything you need to know is covered, which is unbelievably helpful. The practice exams – or diagnostic exams – help you to identify what areas you need the most help with. Then, the questions you get wrong are explained in full detail so you know exactly where you made your mistake. Not to mention, there’s a flashcard maker so you can quiz yourself whenever you want a mental refresher.

For the most part, I haven’t had any issue with MCAT Prep, although I have experienced the app freeze and/or take a while to load a couple of times. Neither of these things stopped me from using the app and they only delayed my studies by a little bit of time, but you may want to keep in mind that it could happen to you.


I am so happy with all of the progress I’ve made since I first downloaded these apps. I’ve been recommending them to all of my pre-med friends and classmates. Seriously, if you ever plan to take the MCAT (or if you know someone who is) these apps are real life-savers and you need to give them a try!

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