10 Questions to Ask for Hiring the Right Education App Development Company

Education App Development Company

Gone are the days when students were told to pen down everything on their notebooks to memorize and implement. When they were supposed to hit the libraries and turn towards their teachers to understand every concept.

Now, thanks to technology, everything is possible with a few clicks and taps on smartphones. In the form of mobile apps, the technology has given a 180-degree transformation to the way we learn and teach in the present scenario. The technology has made educational benefits accessible beyond the premises of the educational institutes, along with modifying the existing processes of

Storing and managing information and other related processes – an outcome of which is that the global mlearning app market is going to hit $37.8B by 2020. This implies more applications like Duolingo, Khan Academy, Coursera, etc. will be in the market in the future.

With this said, if you are an educational organization thinking about embracing mobile technology, but confused about how to hire the right education app development company, this blog is apt for you.

Here, I will list down a set of questions that will help you to find the right app partner and launch an education application that gets counted among the “top downloaded apps” in the market.

1. What do you expect from your Education app?

The foremost thing you need to consider while hiring an mlearning app partner is why and what type of app you want to build. You have to look into the challenges and drawbacks of your existing education system and determine when and how an app can improve the equation. You also have to invest your efforts into the market and competitive analysis to understand if you really need to embed a mobile app into your business or not.

This, as a whole, will help you with having a clear idea of why and what type of app you want to create, which will further help in deciding which education app agency understand your idea and look forward to turning your vision into reality.

Education App Development Company

2. What features and tech stack are you planning to introduce in our app?

With the advent of newer features and technologies into the mlearning sphere, it is must to know what all technologies and characteristics are the prospective mlearning app development firms familiar with. This idea will also help you to screen out the companies that are still using outdated technologies or not having expertise at the cutting-edge technologies, implying a short list to decide the right app partner from.

3. Does the app development company has proven experience in your niche market?

Considering education mobile applications are quite different from the other set of mobile apps, it is must that you go with the app partner having earlier experience in your niche market. This will be helpful in building a perfect app, mitigate the challenges associated with your niche market and revamp your business model with their guidance.

4. What does their portfolio or earlier clients say about their work?

Though every mobile app development firm claim to be the best in the market, it is exceptionally good to look into their portfolio to understand their taste and experience. Besides, getting in touch with their previous clients will provide you with inside scoops – helping you in preventing getting into the claws of the frauds and look into other hidden challenges.

5. What price are they quoting?

Mobile apps in the education industry have a flourishing market, but so is the cost to make an app. So, it is necessary that you ask for a price quote to these companies, compare them with their experience and set of services they are offering to ultimately decide which is the best deal for your business.


6. What mobile app development process do they follow?

Since educational organizations are heavily investing in developing an education app and get into the mobile market, it is necessary that you enter the market at the earliest and so is to keep your app development plan updated with the recent market trends. In such a scenario, having knowledge of if the mobile app team follows a waterfall process, an agile process or any other methodology to build an application is important. So, do not skip this question.

7. Who will be handling your app project?

There are several companies in the market that demand a hefty amount of money, but get your app designed by freelancers or interns. Knowing this, it is imperative that are aware of how will be working on your app project and get closely connected with them to remain updated with each and every associated detail.

8. What will be the mode of communication between you two?

Communication is the secret saucer to launching an education app that market demands. So, be clear it the point how you both will communicate and at what period – and choose the mlearning app development company that keeps you in a loop throughout the project instead of going with an app developer that connects only at the beginning and end of the project.

This might seem tedious but will help you to prevent any fraud and ensure that a top-quality application is delivered to you at stipulated time and cost.

9. What will be the frequency of app delivery?

As mentioned earlier, the market is getting flooded with education apps. In such a scenario, it is imperative that you enter the market at the earliest, for which you need to hire an education app development company that delivers apps at a higher frequency (in the form of MVP), and enable you to share your feedback and assist in launching a bug-free application.

10. What about the app maintenance and update options?

Though considered as optional, this question will help you to plan for the future, provided app maintenance and update is an on-going process. If you go with a freelancer or an education app development firm that might not be available once your project is delivered, it would be difficult to get your application updated unless you have the code ownership. So, discussing this factor is also apt before handing over your app project to any app development company.

So, these were the ten questions that will help you to understand the graph of hiring an app partner and picking the right option for you, ultimately enjoying the finest education app development services.

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