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If you take your PC to a computer repair shop, then the technicians will charge you more than enough for the simple tasks like the system cleanup. The technicians use software programs like Avast Cleanup Premium and cost you more money than the price of that software. If you don’t want to spend money on system cleanup and software maintenance, then you should free download avast cleanup premium, which will help you to do the same for free of cost.

The Avast Cleanup Premium is the system cleanup software program, which removes the unwanted files, cache, cookies, and other temporary internet files to free up the system space. Also, the software comes with other feature necessary for system cleanup and performance improvement. In this post, we are going to share every detail about this software and how to activate the avast cleanup premium free trial.

Free Download Avast Cleanup Premium

Usually, the system cleanup utilities are embedded in the Windows Operating system or even the MacOS and Linux. But, the set of features you get in the third-party software programs encourages you to avail avast cleanup premium trial version. As the Avast Cleanup is a premium software program, which accepts the subscription-based payment or the license based payment. But, if you want to check all of the features of this software, then you can avail the free trial version of this software.

WIth the 30-Day free trial period, the people can access all of the feature of this software for free of cost and then determine if spending money on buying the premium version is worth the money or not. To avail the Avast Cleanup Premium Trial, you need to visit the official website and enter your Email ID to activate the trial period.

Once activated, you can access all of the feature of this software for 30-Days and later decide whether to buy avast cleanup premium license key or not. I tried the same for 30-Days, and now I own a licensed copy of this fantastic software program.

Avast Cleanup Premium Not Working

Many people think that the Avast Cleanup software can fix all your PC problems and increase the performance by tenfolds. But, it is not true at all. Most of the times, people complaining about avast cleanup premium not working is the minor issue. Here are some methods you should follow if the software is not working correctly.

  • No System Cleanup – The software first scans for the temporary internet files and the download cache from the hard disk. If there is nothing found on the drive, then the cleanup is canceled. Make sure you haven’t run the cleanup a few hours before. If you did, then it is advised to wait for a few hours or days before using it again.
  • Avast Cleanup Not Opening – It is a weird issue that pops up once in a while. When the software doesn’t open or launch properly, you should check out if you’ve deleted any critical system files. If you did so, then reinstallation of the software is the only option you have in your hands. Also, make sure your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements to run this cleanup utility.

Final Words


I’ve used a bunch of System cleanup software programs on my computer, but nothing is better than using the Avast Cleanup Premium. If you care about the regular system maintenance, then installing this program is must, if you don’t have money, then you should opt for avast cleanup premium free trial to get access to all features for a limited time.

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