Technology – Advancements & Skepticism

Technology – Advancements & Skepticism

Technology is defined as the application of science and relevant knowledge to the practical focus of human life, especially to reform and operate the human ecosystem. It may be done by the tools, techniques, machines, materials and the sources of power to make the life more easier and productive. This is made possible by the pure blend of science into technology, where while technology makes things actually happen, it is science who understands the reasons and data of why and how things happen. The continuous development in the technology and the urge to make things easier and effective results in various innovations.

Day-to-day use

There are technological findings that we love using in our day-to day lives. The smartphones can do wonders, which people could only dream about ten years earlier. Snapping the best of memories, playing movies on the go, having the world of information at our fingertips, taking Admissions with just a few clicks scan documents and send it in a nick of time by even adding signatures, all in that one device, technology has come a long way and has dig deep into our lives. The smartwatches, smart home appliances and several other tools have made the experience even more enticing.

What do you feel…

The development of technology and the constant improvements always tend to be accepted with mixed feelings. This is because to resist change is the nature of human beings. Though there are people who are progressive enough to welcome the improvements, but the proportion is comparatively less. Though people have their fair share of reasons and excuses for not accepting the changes whole-heartedly. It can be instanced by the recent controversy related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), where Elon Musk, founder & CEO of world-renowned electric car maker Tesla Inc. had expressed his views and concerns regarding AI that he feels, it could be one of our biggest existential threats. While other people are also concerned about the growing experiments of the AI Robots to take over the man-power requirements, thus reducing the employments, Eric Hovitz feels it otherwise. Hovitz, who is the research head of Microsoft, believes that the long-term prospect of loosing control of certain kinds of intelligences are not going to happen. He feels researchers would be proactive in terms of how they field AI systems, and in the end everyone would be benefited from the machine intelligence.

Skepticism for the rapid tech developments

The technology has also proven to be a great innovation in the field of education where students can now keep themselves updated on a regular basis which ultimately enhances their knowledge and they perform well. While technology may be popular amongst the youths, but there are still a huge chunk of conservative parents who are skeptical about the implementation of such huge amount of technological influences at the life of their child. The best Engineering Colleges in Delhi with the top-notch technological facilities and tools to make the education more enhancing, interesting and enriching, often face the skepticism of the parents not-so-keen into transformations. These people have still not been able to realize how technology can play an important role in the education and that having only traditional learning will not help the students is the highly competitive job-market.

Serious savior

Technology also works as to cover our identity and act as a security. In the modern era, staying secure is more difficult than ever. Every single day, we face threats to our identities, the personal information and even ourselves. As we survey the security landscape, from malware to phishing, it really takes a lot more than the generic anti-virus to stay secure. Technology acts as the savior as and when security pose the biggest threats and dig into the repercussions that ripple through the minds of persons when security has been compromised.

We can hope that these rapid advancements in technology be used only for the good purposes and we make this world, an even better place to live.

Source : Technology Changes Our Lives

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