The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2018

Best Tv Streaming

Although these days most best tv streaming devices have great features, some of these features might not guarantee you the satisfaction. For instance, some of the applications that provide best tv streaming services have inbuilt streaming features and also comes on external boxes thus they are not portable. However, to ensure that you purchase a worth compatible streamer, Best tv streaming devices provide high dynamic range or HDR as well as a high resolution to ensure that you will be enjoying an enjoyable streaming experience.

Besides, they are the best as they assure that you will quickly find the content on the web that you want to watch as well as provide quality streaming services to match your needs.

Some of the top best tv streaming devices that are currently available includes;



The device is a well-rounded, powerful TV streaming box designed by Roku’s excellent app support as well as the interface. It will fit those individuals who need streaming stick features with a little more stability and horsepower. It has many great features.

It is a high-end streamer that supports high dynamic range and 4K resolution. Also, has an Ethernet port that helps in improving connection speeds as well as a Micro-SD card slot for storing more applications or function as a source for videos and pictures as well.

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Using the USB port, you will be able to connect any compatible device and comfortably watch your content. The box has a button that can help you to find your remote by triggering it to produce a tone. Depending on the particular model, the remote has dedicated power buttons to control tv volume and also a headphone jack that is used for private listening. Besides, to allow good sleep for your kids, it has night listening mode which automatically adjusts the volume usually scene after scene.



While comparing it with a remote, it can effectively operate the entertainment system better thus it’s a great tv streaming device. It is the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy a streamlined entertainment experience in their homes. This device was the first Fire TV box which is designed with a direct Alexa integration thus it doesn’t need external Echo speaker. However, it’s designed with powerful features and high technology that will enable you to easily control everything gadget in your entertainment area without the need for a remote.

It installed with IR blaster and capable ports which allows you to use voice commands to swap between apps, turn on your TV, and even change inputs to connect other devices, for example, A/V receivers, gaming consoles, etc. The cube is unique because, for a reliable data connection, it comes with an Ethernet adapter. Besides, it has a more open search as well as the platform-agnostic interface.

The Ethernet adapter, internal Alexa integration, and a more open ecosystem play a significant role to solve all major issues associated with other Fire TV devices. Its flexibility, Alexa voice commands, IR blaster, and many more have earned it the popularity.



It is the best tv streaming device that provides limitless experience with all Apple devices. It is the most favorite tv streaming device among Apple enthusiasts. The Apple TV 4K is a great device it has an A10X Fusion which is a super fast processor. It is an excellent option with Apple laptops, i pads as well as i Phones as it enables you to directly transfer login info to this streaming device from these compatible devices, thus saving a lot of time spent while entering passwords.

Using this device, you can access heavy hitters, for example, Amazon Prime video, sling TV as well as Netflix. Also, you can access your iTunes library and iTunes store. It supports voice control search feature where you can use intuitive statements or questions. Apart from 4K resolution, in both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, it is HDR enabled, which makes your content to look incredible after highlighting it. If you a person who uses all Apple devices, this is the best tv streaming device for you.



It is the perfect alternative for those people who like streaming for gaming experiences.  Although initially the Shield TV was mainly designed for gamers, it features HDR streaming capabilities and 4K resolution depending on the Android TV platform.

Nvidia has a controller which provides a more familiar feel to skilled console gamers. Also, it supports a lot of Bluetooth controllers currently available, for example, Xbox single controller, Sony’s DualShock 4, etc. A 16GB remote-only option is as well available for individuals who don’t need the Bluetooth controller, but they need the muscle of the shield’s hardware.

For 4K resolution streaming, the device supports Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, UkTvNow UltraFlix, and Vudu, with HDR capability available on particular services. Many more alternatives are available for 4K resolution streaming, for example, Fox, HBO Now, Vimeo, CBS, and Twitch. Anything in live TV and Google Play store is available through PlayStation Vue or Sling TV.

Its in-built Voice Search feature can be easily used to search most of these applications.  At 1080p resolution, GeForceNOW enables users to stream games to their Shield comfortably. When it comes to audio, the Nvidia supports 5.1 surround sound as well as 7.1 Dolby Atmos object-oriented surround sound.

It promotes high audio resolution with some types supported internally and others using pass-through.

Remember, as a tv streamer, you might be having the best device, but you won’t gain the best experience if you only view your content from a single streaming service. For best results, these best tv streaming devices have a wide variety of quality features, and most of them usually support various popular content providers to ensure that you get a great experience at a great value.

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