How to Utilize Email Marketing for Better conversions


Emails are the part of every business and individual conversation. We are sure that today everyone is well acquainted with the Emails and its importance in our professional and personal life. We have now moved to a highly dynamic industry of social media where email marketing is an integral part. This article will take you to an understanding of email marketing and its importance in SEO and search engine rankings. Let’s get started:

Email Marketing Introduction

Though email marketing is a part of every digital media marketing, if we compare it to the latter, then it is said that email is a bit more mature channel for engaging online consumers. Its longevity is a testament to its ability to get the customers hooked on one thing, in turn, helps in converting leads into consumers and buyers and finally into repeat customers. Email marketing works well for all kinds and types of business. Irrespective of any kind of business activities (B2B or B2C); your email marketing effectiveness can be optimized.

Apparently, some of the studies show that email marketing is the king when it comes to conversion rates and ROI over any other form of digital or social marketing. Whereas, the conversion and ROI will happen only if the email marketing campaign is hitting the right audience with the right content. With email marketing at times, there are some minute things that can work wonders in converting your potential customer’s into buyers. As simple as tweaking the subject line may make the difference in the bounce and open rates.

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing can be a great boost to building relationships and adding value to your business. It is considered to be the main building blocks that increase customer’s lifetime value and to predict the route of your business fruitfully. The strategies that we employ to our email marketing list is playing an important role. Similarly, we do it on social media for interacting with our customers. It also gives you a direct chance to interact and flash your products and services to your potential customers. Sharing information helps in building a relationship which though remains for a longer time on the emails. Another very important factor is installing SSL certificate of trusted Certificate Authority like Comodo SSL Certificate to enable HTTPS and green padlock icon in browser. Installing the right SSL certificate to your website will ensure security of your data which is also sent via emails and shared on other social media platforms. You can purchase Comodo SSL Certificate from reseller like Cheap SSL Shop –  (

Let’s now have a look at some of the email marketing best practices which are popular in email marketing campaigns to increase traffic and conversion rates. By following these and learning about them, you will undoubtedly gain an edge on your conversion rates:

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Create Mobile-Optimized Email Campaigns

With everyone on mobile, these days where almost all the businesses run on responsive websites, your email marketing campaigns should also be mobile-optimized. Nowadays even emails are used, read, and replied on mobile phones, thus while conducting email marketing campaign make sure you consider optimising the content and the layout as per mobile devices and its readability on them.

Also, remember, optimization of email campaigns are based on few basic points such as: Create a short subject line. It should be crisp so that it is reasonably displayed on the mobile phones, for example, some 30-35 characters. Try to break the text so that readers can quickly read or skim. Do remember to give a concise copy with a single layout, do not make it messy or too filled with colour or copy or mixed design. Your email should be clean and tidy with the right links to click. One last thing, make sure your CTA buttons are bulletproof so that they run better on mobile devices.

Will cover the A/B testing in the next point but would like to mention that while optimizing your emails for mobile, please don’t forget to test the optimization by running an A/B test. It will assist you in evaluating the changes you have implemented and how are they performing.


Conduct A/B Testing

While conducting an email marketing campaign with the agenda of good conversions make sure you execute the A/B testing method to optimize some of you do on a landing page. Say for example – put a right call to action, give a great layout, offer a crisp and catchy subject line, etc. other than this there are specific components which needs testing too like – sender name, day of the week to send, time of the day to send etc., all these components shall be unique in your email marketing campaign.

Work Immensely On Building More Social Signals

The social activity which you do on your websites and other social media platforms affect Google as well. Though there’s no direct announcement as such but whatever, social activity commenced on the social channels. As per one study conducted on 23 million shares, the top four ranking positions on Google were the ones coming from Facebook and Google+ platforms. However, letting people share content via social media channels is a tough part hence, sharing it via emails becomes easy and quick to read (especially when it along content).

Content Promotion

No wonder whatever you do online, content is the king. So when it is email marketing, the benefits of content promotion are in plenty. When you email your followers your new blog post or any other product information it gives a fair chance to you to highlight some of your best and most recent work. For instance: For example, let’s say you published an article of original research, but haven’t gotten any traffic on it yet; email can be your mechanism for driving your first few hundred views (especially if you have a loyal audience).

 Customer’s Response Rate and Brand Reputation Counts

As a part of social media marketing, email campaigns are also effective in building trust and a loyal customer base. Because we send out emails at regular intervals to our clients and customers it engages them in our new content every time, which in turn help us to retain them for a longer period. By sending new events and publications emails, you also develop a customer loyalty base and brand reputation.

Try to Get Product Reviews

For example, if you operate a retail store or a business which targets local audiences, then try improving your regional search ranking. When you do this, it directly hits and enhances the search results of your website on Google. It is also an important part of a website SEO. According to Moz, the more the number of quality reviews of a site or a business it affects around 13% of the local search rankings. So, email marketing helps to get a right amount of product reviews, and recommendations from your loyal customer base and of course others. You need to put a link to your Google My Business page and request your subscribers to rate and review your website with your every newsletter that you send to them.

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