4 Best Websites for Downloading Free Movie Soundtracks

Music adds the magic to the movies. It haunts us and makes us watch the movie repeatedly. Sometimes, it’s the music which adds the life to the movies. To understand what we are talking, you have to watch movies like “The Sixth Sense”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Sound of Music” etc. If you are a guy with music sensibility, you must be searching for the original soundtracks on the internet. The movie soundtrack is one of the crucial elements of the movie which uplifts it by creating a musical aura around it. Soundtrack acts as the backbone for many movies. Music has no language and it can be felt by all of us depending on our sensibility. If you are searching for the movie soundtracks for free download, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve jotted down a few websites where you can download free movie soundtracks. Also for more best movies checkout for free online movie sites.

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This website looks a bit boring and outdated at its first glance. Trust me it’s one of the best websites to find the original soundtracks for thousands of movies. It has more than 40,000 movie soundtracks. You can also buy the sheet music for all the movie scores on this website. Their podcasts section is awesome. You can download most of the soundtracks on this website by paying a little fee. You can also find some soundtracks for free download. There is a review section under every movie’s soundtracks where you can post your review or comments. The best thing about this website is, they add lots of new music every day!


Though this site is not popular enough, it has all the soundtracks of the latest movies. They add the new soundtracks immediately after the movie release. It’s completely free to download soundtracks from Music Pleer. There are many new English songs which are available for free download. If you are looking for the simple website to download Hollywood soundtracks, Music Pleer is the best site for you. The way they put the album art in a long way improves the feel of the music. It’s very simple to download. Just enter your favourite movie in the search box and it fetches the soundtracks of it. To download best music do checkout for Kickass mirror sites.

free online movie sites

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Soundtrack Collector

The database of Soundtrack Collector is super wide. You can get a lot more than opening theme song from this website. You can download the credits song or theme songs for all the characters and many more rare pieces of music. There are over 50,000 movie titles on this huge website. If you are a soundtrack enthusiast or a musical, you’ll definitely become a fan of this website. It is a powerhouse of music which in underrated and underappreciated. If you are struggling to find a soundtrack for a less notable film, you must try searching it on Soundtrack Collector.

Heard on TV

It’s kind of huge directory for all kinds of soundtracks. Whether you are searching for a TV show soundtrack or a movie soundtrack, Heard on TV is the best place to find it. It has tons of user-uploaded soundtracks of all the old and new TV shows. Most of the songs on this website are linked to iTunes, YouTube, Rhapsody, Amazon etc. YouTube links are wonderful as they help you to watch the titles while you are listening to the soundtrack. The community on this website is lively and helps you to identify the song clips.

We hope the above websites helped you to find your favourite movie soundtracks. Check out this place as we are going to add more websites on this list!

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