Function of an Android TV Box: Getting the Tablet Experience on HD TV

android tv box

Today we bring you a fantastic article where we will see what is and what an Android TV box is for, in addition to the most important features of these fashionable devices with which to turn your TV into a powerful Smart TV.

Many people, with the fashion of smart TV of major brands such as Sony or LG, are thinking of buying one due to all the functions it offers in terms of multimedia possibilities. But people do not know that with a device of 60 Euros can get the same or much more on any of their TVs. Therefore, below we will explain is that it is an Android TV box so that you can get the full potential of your old TV.

Android was born as an operating system focused on mobile devices hand in hand with Google. It makes use of Linux as a base to which are added a series of services and applications that allow enjoying phone and application functionalities, perfect for a smartphone.

However since its inception Android has evolved a lot and very fast and is already used in all types of devices: watches, tablets, different types of household appliances and are even reaching the TV in the form of HDMI sticks or as small set-top boxes.


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What is an Android TV box?

An Android TV box is a device with operating system android inside, which connected to a TV through the HDMI port, makes it possible to use all applications and get all the connectivity with our screen. Said in a simpler way, an Android TV box is like having a tablet on your TV, with the same functions and possibilities that your tablet or smartphone has.

And if an Android TV box is like a tablet, why do not we use the tablet and plug it into our television? Of course you could and it would work fantastic, but the big difference of the Android TV box is that they are designed to take full advantage in terms of performance and features to our TV, thus saving the screen of the tablet we have our reach Android TV really powerful boxes, capable of streaming HD without any problem, at really cheap prices.

Function of an Android TV box

If you are wondering what an Android TV box is for, because you do not believe that the idea of ​​having a kind of tablet or smartphone on your TV, you will open many possibilities apart from seeing the Facebook on the big screen, you are wrong.

One of the things that an Android TV box serves is to connect all electronic devices with each other. Imagine being able to enter the hard drive of your computer and take that movie or series and watch it on your TV, or pass the photos of your mobile to the television quickly and easily. All this and much more is what you can do with an Android TV box, as if it were a multimedia center for your living room, but much cheaper.

Another thing that serves an Android TV box is to see all kinds of multimedia content, from YouTube videos to movies or series in all possible formats. Also thanks to the use of applications such as XBMC (Kodi) you can watch movies, series and everything you want, on demand, without waiting or advertising.

And of course, another of the things for which an Android TV box serves is to play all the android games that are in the Play Store. You can also use controls like those on the play station to play the games, turning your old TV into a powerful multimedia center capable of doing many more things than any smart TV on the market.

Without a doubt, if you are thinking of buying a smart TV of the latest model, take a look at these Android TV box. When choosing which one to acquire, it is important to bear in mind that the technical capacity of these mini computers varies as much as the expansion capabilities that is, the possibility of connecting peripherals and including memory cards. But of course, this type of issue depends solely and exclusively on the needs of the user. Therefore, in principle we must evaluate what we are going to use our Android TV Box for, and then make a really smart purchase.

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