4 Things to Look For In Your Professional Level Music Headsets

Headsets are some of the most frequently used accessories in today’s smart devices dominated world. There are many different forms of headsets including the wireless ones, over the head, in ear or round the back of the neck types. All have their own distinctive advantages that separate them from the rest. However, the basic couple of requirements that hold ground regardless of who is using headsets and why, are sound and music quality and comfortable usage.

Professional music special headsets are ones that are used by music producers or mixers like DJs and RJs most of the times. These usually have to be much better than average good quality headsets in order to provide separated high quality music. Some of the best options in the market right now are some Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets, Sennheizer wireless headsets or some high-end options from Jabra. You can always go with wires if you don’t need mobility with your headsets as well, but the newer generations of Bluetooth wireless technology now produces matching music and connectivity. Here are some important things or features that a professional music person should always look for when investing in headsets:

Compact and Lightweight

Since music mixers and producers always need to wear their headsets for longer periods of time, why not have them comfortable with compact, lightweight profiles. Heavy and bulky headsets tend to cause head or ear fatigue with their extra bulk and weight. You are always served best with compact and lightweight ones.

If you look at some of the Plantronics Wireless Headsets or options from Jabra or Sennheizer, you will know how much of a weight difference high quality strong and lightweight materials can make. Also worth noting is the fact that wireless headsets always put less strain on head, ear and neck. This is because they don’t get pulled at all by the wire weight.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Full Ear Covering Leatherettes

When you are mixing or producing music, you surely need your music to be separated from outside sounds. For that, large sized insulating Ear covering leatherettes are required. This is where Sennheizerheadsets specialize. Also, some options from the Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets range or also Jabra provide large sized ear coverings that insulate the music for you efficiently.

Another thing you should always make sure is the materials used in those ear covering leatherettes. These should be the sound insulating composite soft materials that absorb all the headset sounds without letting much escape out. Such materials will also do the same for sound coming from the outside.

Advanced Technology for Data Transfer

Headsets work by being connected with your systems like smartphones, laptops or computers. Both the wired ones and wireless Bluetooth ones transmit and receive data that gets converted to music. The professional music headsets that you plan to invest in should always have some advanced technology in them. If you think wireless ones are best for you, choose ones with at least Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Similarly, advanced high tech audio codecs and DAC inputs should be included for your wired options.

This modern advanced technology transfers data more efficiently and makes all sounds including highs, lows and mids sound exactly how they are supposed to. When you are a professional music producer or mixer, you will need all the high quality advanced tech you can get your hands on.

Universal Connectivity

Another very important feature you should always make sure is universal connectivity. If you are getting wired ones, the headphone input should be supported on all devices like PCs, laptops or smartphones. In case of wireless Bluetooth ones, the technology should include codecs that are compatible with most if not all modern devices.

Even being a music person, you will need to travel around with your music files in many different devices. Often you will be listening to what you have created on a different device. Having headsets on you that can connect to whichever device you have your music on, is always an advantage. Reading specifications and included codecs on professional headsets is always a good option.

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