A no-nonsense Guide for Vehicle Registration in Dubai


So you have finally decided to sell your car in Dubai or looking to renew your car registration, there is a procedure set by the RTA to follow that not everybody is aware of.

If you have made the deal through carbuyer.ae or any other online service then you do not have to do anything, they usually take care of the rest of the business. But if you are looking to do it on your own, then we are mentioning some simple steps that will come handy.

Documents required for registration

At the time of registration, a few documents are needed to complete the registration process. These documents are:

  • Your vehicle’s insurance certificate
  • If required, your vehicle may be tested in one of the RTA’s certified testing
  • To initiate or complete this registration process, you need to have a residency in UAE. You can also be a GCC national or a UAE national to complete the registration.

Procedure to Follow

  • If you are selling your car in Dubai then you have to clear all the outstanding bills associated with your car. If there is anything due then you have to pay the fine at the Dubai Police website.
  • To get your car tested there are a couple of ways to go about it. One way is to go to Dubai Traffic Department for the test. The other way is to get it checked by other private groups like Emarat, Belhasa’s Wasel etc.
  • Pay the registration fee at the office.
  • You will have to wait for your registration card which is valid for one year. In case you financed the car from the bank, then bring your bank clearance certificate

Overall charges you have to pay

  • The fee for the car test is Dh120
  • The year registration cost of the vehicle is Dh340

How long would it take before you receive your card?

  • There are delivery services including the car dealerships that provide delivery or collection options for getting your registration card
  • The application process can take 5 working days
  • Some of the companies will offer to do all this procedure for an additional cost. This will include collecting and returning the vehicle to you.

In the end, you must remember that new vehicles are exempted from the RTA test for some time. This duration is usually the first two consecutive years of the new vehicle.

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