15 Great Ways to Earn Money As A Student

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If you are a student looking for ways to earn some money then continue reading on. You may want some extra cash so as to hang out with friends or you may want to Make Money Online and buy an exciting phone. Try out the below methods and see if they work for you.

  1. Mobile Phone Recycling

Check out how much you may get for selling your old mobile phone employing mobile phone recycling comparison websites. You can sell your mobile for cash at SellTheMobile.

  1. Online Surveys

You may fill out online surveys when you have some spare time. Research companies tend to be often recruiting fresh members who can answer surveys as well as test new products.

Simply take out a bit of time to pursue form filling and see how much you make from this. You may try out My Survey, Panel Opinion, Toluna, New Vista, etc. They are many more.

Sign up for Swagbucks that rewards you for surveys and for simply surfing the internet, playing games as well as watching videos.

  1. Get paid for simply searching the web

Want to make cash for doing something you already do online? If yes then try this out.

Qmee.com rewards individuals for simply searching on Google, Bing or even Yahoo. Simply install the simple add-on precisely to your browser. When you pursue a search a few sponsored results may come up alongside your normal search.

Every Qmee result claims to possess a cash reward attached. For those interested in it need to simply click on it then collect their reward.

There is no minimum when it comes to cash out. You may also donate your money to charity.

  1. “Get Paid To” sites

This is similar to making money precisely from online surveys. These sites reward one in cash as well as vouchers for fulfilling various offers or even activities online. Try out Toluna, Swagbucks plus InboxPounds.

sell phone

  1. Review Music And Get Money

For those who love music, you can make this your business simply by reviewing unsigned bands as well as artists online precisely for cash with Slicethepie. You need to know that it can take some time to build your reputation. The cash may not be much, but you may be able to write this in your CV and get paid for something you enjoy doing.

  1. Selling Any Second-Hand Course Books

You can buy students’ textbooks when the year ends, and then sell these just after fresher’s week, i.e. when new students may need these. You may advertise on campus or simply list them online on Amazon Marketplace (remember that they take a commission specifically on books sold).

  1. Mystery Shopping

Many agencies claim to be present that pay one to visit different shops as well as restaurants so as to provide a feedback of these. Therefore if you love shopping and going to restaurants try this out. Tasking apps claim to be another form particularly of mystery shopping, where one may earn rewards for finishing small local tasks.

  1. Sell Your Photos

For those who feel that they have acquired a good shot with a little creativity, you may try uploading your photographs. This may be done for free precisely to stock websites. Try out Fotolia or even istockphoto.

  1. Renting Out the Car Parking Space You Have

If your student accommodation has a drive or even garage and you are not using this parking space you can try renting it. This may work out if you reside in a busy area. You can advertise your space on Gumtree, Just Park or even Parklet.

  1. Babysitting

This tends to be a classic money-maker. If you like children and know how to care for them then pursue this course. To find out what to charge, look at local ads. You may create a profile upon Care Babysitting apart from advertising yourself. Be alert to any laws present in your country when it comes to looking after children of certain ages.

  1. Dog Walking and Sitting


If you like dogs then look after people’s dogs and get money for this. When you are free during the day you can enjoy looking after dogs. Join Care Pet Care and also Tailster.

  1. Be A Charity Collector

You need to be able to take much rejection and also be persistent with this job. If you tend to be bubbly and can persuade others then try this out. Take a look at Wesser and also charity websites such as Oxfam.

  1. Freelance Work

If you love writing, pursuing graphic design or even managing Facebook pages when you are free then you will be glad to hear that freelance jobs are present that need simple skills. Work for clients in other countries and work whenever you are free. Get valuable skills with this work. You can try upwork.com.

  1. Sell Stories And Videos

For those who possess an interesting story, you may try selling this to the papers. You may also film people and send this to “You’ve Been Framed.”

  1. YouTube Videos

With YouTube Partner program one may profit from making as well as uploading videos. You may get a percentage of the precise advertising revenue that is collected per 1,000 views.

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