3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old iPhone


In today’s modern culture, it has become a common thing that mobile users prefer to replace their old phones when they see some latest smart Phones have come in the markets with more advanced features. So, if you have decided to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model, it is really appreciating. But you must think what you do with your old iPhone. Don’t put your old iPhone into a cupboard or drawer for collecting dust or throw it away in a trash bin. It’s ethically and legally prohibited to dispose off your old iPhone in such a way because it can become a serious cause of air and water pollution.

So, you should try to discard your old unwanted iPhone in a proper way. Selling iPhone is the best possible solution for getting rid of old phones. Now the question is that how to sell an iPhone in a lucrative way? The answer is below; here I have come up with the three best options that you can choose to sell your iPhone. Take a look at!

  1. Sell iPhone to Your Contacts

One way of getting rid of your old iPhone would, of course, be the traditional methods of either selling your handset to friends or contacts. Selling iPhone to friends can be a good option if you definitely have a buyer lined up and ready to go. Hence, selling iPhone to contacts can be slightly more challenging because it means asking around until finding someone that is willing to buy your handset.

  1. Sell iPhone to Auction Websites

When you choose to sell your iPhone to an auction website like eBay, it gives you the opportunity to control and set the price of your handset. You can make more money by adding a better description and photos of your iPhone that you want to get rid of. However, you must consider some factors in an auction that determine what ending bid will be including the time of day the auction ends, how many days it lasts and how many other people are bidding on the same iPhone model.

  1. Sell iPhone to Mobile Phone Recycling Websites

If you think that both of the above-mentioned methods of selling iPhone are unreliable then you must consider mobile phone recycling websites. Such kind of sites offers you a great platform where you can sell your iPhone at a great price without any trouble. By doing so, you not only earn a lot of money in exchange for your iPhone but also take a part in promoting the green environment by getting rid of your old handset in a proper way.

When you visit a recycling site for selling your iPhone, all you have to do is type in the model into the search box and they will give you a quote for how much they will pay for your certain model of iPhone. You can opt for either bank transfer, cheque, or sometimes PayPal as the method of payment. They will tell you a Free post address or give you a postage envelope in which to send the iPhone. Once you send your handset in the post, they will check it out thoroughly and then send you your money.









However, finding a reliable and top-paying recycling website can be a daunting task because a large number of recycling sites out there to promote mobile phone recycling. But big thanks to mobile phone comparison websites that have made it easier than ever before. With a single click, you can find the highest price for your iPhone and sell it without any hassle.

Why Choose a Mobile Phone Comparison Website to Compare Recycling Websites?

Considering a mobile phone comparison website is an ideal way to compare recycling sites while selling your iPhone. Comparison websites work like a search engine and let their users search for top-rated recycling websites by comparing their prices and other terms and conditions. By making a fair comparison online, you can easily know who offers what and get the highest price for your handset.

Along with that, you can save time and hassle by selling your old iPhone through a comparison site. If you perform a comparison manually, for instance, you browse each recycling website individually one by one to check their offerings, it will be very time and energy consuming.

So, if you have decided to get rid of your old iPhone by selling it then visit the SellTheMobile and compare prices from all the top recycling sites to make the right choice and get the most money for your iPhone recycled.


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