Improve the UX of a Landing Page to Maximize Organic Traffic:


As cliche as it sounds, creating consumer-focused, quality content is the best possible thing you can do maximize organic traffic. Moreover, building links to your valuable content are important to optimize your website. But, it is only the tip of the iceberg. It becomes exponentially easier and productive when the user experience (UX) of your landing page is awesome.

Organic traffic constitutes the largest chunk of higher conversion rates compared to any other source of website traffic. And, if you prioritize the user experience and focus on it like a pro, you cannot go wrong because it helps lowering the bounce rate and Google loves it. For the reason that people adore the websites, which they find more relevant and engaging.

Build Higher-Converting, Enriched Landing Page

There is a common perception that search engine optimization requires a terrific deal of patience. It’s true to some extent, but with enhanced UX of landing page makes the entire process easy and hassle-free. What’s more, not everything is as easy as getting the services of Austin SEO agency on board in this regard. The key to success is hidden in creating the top-notch landing page – opening wedge to the main website or its specific section that needs to be user-oriented and informative for the target audience.

  • Avoid Making Too Many Offers:

Be sagacious and always go for ‘one landing page for one purpose’. Exclusivity in user experience comes when you offer what’s mandatory because if you give too many choices, the visitors may not take any action at all. It’s definitive.

Keep the difference alive between a website and its entry point – landing page.

Remember, a visually unbeatable page that says nothing valuable about your brand, products or services won’t catch the people’s interest. Likewise, if you are tempted to tell each and every bit of your products or brand in order to impress the visitors, then you are not actually trying to convert them.

Be Specific, Folks. Give the landing page visitors a solid reason to take action.

  • Easily Identifiable Call-to-Actions:

Remain steady for a moment and think ‘why a user lands on your page?’ Certainly, to get information about you and what’s in your bag to offer him. Next comes his wish to perform a particular task such as signing up for something or buying an item, but fails to figure out ‘how to do it?’ It’s the escape point. Yes, he will leave in the search of a better service provider, offering superlative user experience.

The CTA button(s) on your landing page should be easily recognizable because a strong brand image is backbone to your business success. Don’t make them a usability nightmare for the visitors.

Ensure that CTAs are easy-to-spot and seamlessly clickable so as to create an enriched user experience required to convert page visitors into customers.

  • Improve the Landing Page Usability:

Here’s a few points to consider for improved landing page usability that help people keep visiting and referring it to their social network. This helps maximize the organic traffic – backbone to gainful SEO efforts.

  1. Be realistically serious about your landing page copy.
  2. Keep the design simple for trouble-free navigation.
  3. Create user-friendly forms for information collection.
  4. Avoid distractions by making all links recognizable.

 In a nutshell, creating content that’s attractive enough to capture the attention of the potential site visitors and building more links works the best for long-term growth of organic traffic. It increases the likelihoods of generating more enquiries and converting them into profitable leads.

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