Improve Customers Shopping Experience Through Intelligent Site Search


The most tempting element in eCommerce business is ‘online sales’. This is connected to the user experience and how the online customers conceive the entire shopping process on your website. Clean design and easy navigation is the major key points from where the premium-quality buyer’s shopping experience starts. This is supported by distinguished web design and development for your eCommerce business.

It is an obvious fact that a person, landing on your web home page, will check for the search bar in the first place. This is the first interacting juncture that cannot be designed with a casual mindset. Since, it’s the initial point of intersection between the humans and machines, it should be built around solid user experiences.

Add Smart Search Potency to your eCommerce Site:

Take a moment, stay steady and glance through. You will observe the people around you will look different, sound different and certainly have different preferences than you and others as well. We all are different from each other in one way or another. But, there are certain stimuli that we all tend to react in the same way. We get startled on hearing loud noise and squint eyes in strong bright light.

Likewise, when it comes to eCommerce websites, we can count on the majority of the people to react in a specific way to the experiences designed for them. Hence, it’s necessary to embed an intelligent site search element in the web design. For such technical things, it is important to hire a company offering web development in Abu Dhabi. This is the best possible solution to have a great website with professionally developed user-oriented ingredients that captures more people’s attention, creates active engagement and improves conversion rate by reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Do’s and Don’ts of Search Bar Placement & Visibility:

Your eCommerce website is worth nothing if it does not attract more prospective customers. A search bar that acts like an actively proficient, supportive and persuasive sales team of a brick and mortar store draws a positive impression on the site visitors.

Here’s a few practices every notable web design company in Abu Dhabi and worldwide consider while creating an impressive search bar.

  • Always place the search bar high on the website; either on the right of the site’s logo, in the header (e.g. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay) for clear visibility.
  • Do not place it in the bottom or corner wherein users have to put efforts for ‘searching the search bar’. They tend to leave immediately.
  • Place the search bar away from other boxes or call to action buttons such as ‘sign up’ or ‘download the catalogue’.
  • Choose an appropriate design size; not too big, not too small with limited text area as it will trouble the user.
  • Use a distinct design that users can easily identify it from other fields of the website such as forms and CTAs.
  • Use a magnifying lens symbol in the search bar or highlight the searching field by adding terms like ‘GO’ or ‘SEARCH’.
  • ‘No search results’ is one of the biggest repellent of potential customers visiting your online store. To overcome this potential setback, add thesaurus, synonyms or lexicon tools in your engine.
  • Give better assistance to the users by incorporating an intelligent ‘Autocomplete Search Bar’.
  • Allow the users to search their items from all the web pages by making search bar available on all pages.

In short, do not make your search bar just a trite rather a competent site feature that astute suggestive and persuasive powers along with splendid capability to dispel user’s doubts by giving them dynamic results as per their preferences.

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