Trends to Pan Out Your SEO Strategy Wisely In 2018


Every successful business, today, largely depends on organic traffic. This pertains to the fact that your target audience is actively looking for what you are offering and find you through search engines – predominantly Google.

An only hitch along the way to organic traffic is that it’s not instant like paid traffic. However, business owners often ask for the results and that they want them now. That’s right for the majority of the time especially the startups with limited exposure to SEO as a cornerstone to digital marketing – mandatory for business growth and improved revenue generation.

Another fact is that the increment in organic traffic takes time, but if you take SEO agency in Dubai on board they will help accelerate the process dramatically. However, heading toward it, you should have a better understanding of SEO trends prevailing in the market. It’s a kind of fortunate for you that a very few companies comprehend the nature of the SEO process and how it helps in maximizing the organic traffic. Here’s a few endorsed trends that SEO professionals tend to watch out for 2018.

  • Mobile-First Index:

After years-long algorithm trials, Google finally surfaced the Mobile-First Index because the majority of the traffic comes in the form of mobile users. Therefore, it is more favorable for SERPs to base their searching matrices and potential outcomes on the use of mobile devices. The results will certainly vary from the desktop users.

This BIG change by Google pushes the SEO experts to optimize their websites properly and be more vigilant for organically done brand promotion by fetching more traffic to the website. The first and foremost thing in this regard is a seamless transition of websites into responsive designs supported by digital assistants, voice searches, visual searches and ingenious link building. 

  • Be Adaptable with Featured Snippets:

Search engine ranking is an ever-evolving process. Keeps on evolving. Today, a searcher gets 10 links for one keyword phrase that was limited to a few in the past for the same keyword. This makes essential for the SEO experts to optimize content according to the recent changes in the featured snippets to build more organic traffic. This is because these snippets in paragraph, table and listicle format, featured on the top of the organic results in search engines, answer the user’s query right away.

These snippets are actually the ‘answer boxes’ that appear on top search results with links to the source.  They bring value-added brand exposure in Google’s organic results.

Add well-rounded, consumer-oriented and relevant information in your targeted feature snippet to rank #1 in the organic search results.

  • Superfast will Survive the Race:

We are living in the digital era where everything is happening so quick that survival stands only for the fit and the fastest. Do not expect a user coming to your website and waiting for even a few minutes to get the desired page load completely. It’s a game of a few seconds. The people want perfection and ease in whatever they do. So, you have to improve the loading speed of your site. It helps reducing the bounce rate that ultimately leads to increased organic traffic.

Use web performance tools and run the page-speed test yourself, or else hire a digital marketing agency in UAE to get a complete website analysis. Depending on site performance results, you need to fix it for improved SEO results.

Final Thought:

Unlike the paid traffic you get for your business through paid search engine marketing campaigns, the organically generated traffic via search engine optimization doesn’t need to pull the people’s leg to visit your website. Just follow the trends and create more organic-led search engine rankings for improved brand promotion and return on investment.

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