Artificial intelligence will soon be the depth of integration of some industries!

The efforts of the scientific and technological circles have turned those far-reaching technological scenes into reality, and the era of artificial intelligence has come.

Change has become the theme of this era. In the last century, typists, blacksmiths, telephone operators and other industries disappeared. Once a hard-working, loyal to the known cattle, but now rogue slaughtered, sent to the fate of the table!

With the rapid development of science and technology, career change is taking place at an unimaginable speed. Below may be the depth of integration of artificial intelligence in some industries, but also may be on the brink of disappearing industries.

First, the reporter industry

Maybe one day, most journalists will be unemployed! This is by no means alarmist. A U.S. company, using big data and artificial intelligence, combined with software development templates, frameworks and algorithms, instantly wrote millions of articles and many magazines have become their clients.

In addition, since the rapid development of the media is constantly eroded the paper media living space. Will journalists who rely on traditional media to support their families survive well?

Second, the driver industry


Cars do not need people to drive, the driver’s occupation will disappear. Their related driving school teachers, law enforcement and other parking drivers also will disappear.

Third, assembly shop workers

OEM Foxconn million ” robot army” plan is being implemented. Front-line assembly shop workers were squeezed in the short term inevitable, a group of production workers will lay off a consensus.

Nowadays, Foxconn’s robotic arm is still only a simple operation, but in the future, as the cost of the robot drops and popularizes, the assembly shop will not need to be interned in real life. Foxconn will no longer have to worry about labor issues.

Fourth, tellers in the financial field


An internet revolution in finance is under way. Nowadays, mobile payment has been widely used, and the use of cash will slowly disappear. In the near future, most small and medium-sized banks will hardly survive without outsourcing their front office operations. Bank teller where to go, one can imagine. This is a trend that no one can stop.

Fifth, the petrochemical industry gas station

Gas stations will gradually disappear, first of all because of the depletion of oil, followed by the national environmental protection efforts, as well as people’s awareness of environmental protection continue to strengthen. New energy charging stations that do not need people to serve will blossom everywhere.

Moreover, even the driving has been achieved unmanned, of course, do not need people responsible for refueling and other actions.

Sixth, cable installers

In 2018, the birth of US new generation of the Internet, future trinity of human beings, people and things, things and things will be the most prominent feature of the new generation of the Internet. The term cable may eventually disappear, even the construction of television stations will be disrupted. Practitioners in the related industry chains are likely to be marginalized, cable TV installers are just a small representative.

Seventh, a variety of industrial samples, commodity manufacturers

3D printing will completely subvert the manufacturing industry. Goods will no longer reach the user through the manufacturing and logistics links, the user will be able to be as small as a cup, reach a house, can be printed out in 3D, the biggest innovation in this way is that the cost is low, and there are some things You do not need a dedicated person to make it. You just need a program.

Therefore, a variety of industrial samples do not need someone to manufacture. Print it out to see what’s wrong with it.

Eighth, brokers, intermediary industry

With the unlimited development of the information superhighway, the message is bound to become more and more transparent. Now brokers and brokers do not know more than ordinary people.

Signs have emerged, for example: More and more people choose to own insurance online, and in the future people may need more professional planners than brokers or middlemen.

Ninth, professional model children


As science explores biological genes in depth, the mystery of a series of lives will be decrypted. The future, no one will be short for his own frown, high-tech surgery can give you an ideal height, the use of “ultra-micro technology,” the cosmetic industry more perfect, we can make the perfect according to their own requirements Facial features “parts” in order to “once and for all, complete and beautiful” effect.

In this sense, the beautiful face and tall figure everyone can have, professional models lose the meaning of existence.


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