Top mobile app development tools to look forward in 2018

With a new year comes new trends and tools to look forward to all year. It’s time to gear up and look for tools that will bring most efficiency and effectiveness. Developing an app has become easier today, but there are several great options used by Android or iOS developers to enhance the app experience. As these technologies are evolving there’s no reason left to not use them. Every business is looking for ways to develop apps that are great and perform well. In this article, let’s take a look at the top mobile development tools that will help you create high class mobile apps based on hundreds of templates.

Best App Development tools of 2018

1.      Xamarin

Xamarin is a mobile development tool for native apps. Xamarin enables you to access the data quickly on cross platform making it an ideal choice for programmers. It refuses business logic layers across platforms. To further empathize its credentials, Xamarin has established relationship with Xoriant and IBM adding to the list that contains Microsoft. One of the great feature about this tool is that it tends to result in fewer bugs and can effectively provide faster time to market. Lesser code means lesser bugs and a single test can highlight the errors. Moreover, the tool can be used for developing app for any kind of platform either Android, Windows or Apple.

2.      Appcelerator

Appcelerator, as the name suggests, is the tool accelerates the app development process by enabling the creation of app with a fewer line of codes which can certainly save your time and effort. This tool works well with native and cross platform apps along with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The tool follows the concept of write once and runs everywhere. Coding in this platform is targeted which gives you a smooth run experience on any platform.


3.      Phone Gap

Phone Gap is an open source cross-platform mobile app development tool that can be used to create apps for any preferable mobile platform, irrespective of the mobile devices. It lets you create only one app yet allows the app to run on all platforms. The tool can use a number of code styles such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS etc.  Moreover, you can improve the app interface by adding new features via Phone Gap.

4.      Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a JavaScript framework tool, used to develop and test mobile apps. The tool focuses on developing a high quality app that can provide a seamless experience to the users. The tool effectively supports all kind of devices for all the latest version of iOS, Windows, Android devices. The tool mainly emphasizes providing customer satisfaction. Among all these, Sencha is known to be one of the best tools for mobile app development.

5.      React Native

React Native, the JavaScript framework is used for targeted for building mobile platforms rather than browsers. The tool has pretty impressive performance features that perform just as well as apps written using Objective-C, Java or Swift language. All you need to do is write one Reactive Content and it will work smoothly on all the platforms. Majority developers’ use this tool which is predicted to be one of the most widely used tool in the coming year.

6.      Ionic

Ionic is another mobile app development tool used to create hybrid apps. If you’re planning to make a hybrid app, this is a useful tool which you can use to create apps using CSS, SASS, and HTML5. It lets you build interactive mobile apps with ease.

7.      The Appbuilder

App builder is yet another tool that has been developed to suit the needs of in-house apps for different kinds of businesses. The Appbuilder tool has built modes for employee apps and outward facing software. It supports the development of suitable apps for employees, clients, etc.

8.      App Machine

App Machine is an efficient tool that claims to make easy to use apps for everyone. This app is really effective for people who want to create an app for their currently existing business or a startup business. The app allows you to scan your website by building blocks with specific piece of content. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive way to get an app version which is inexpensive and can get your products live.

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