What is SCADA? Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition


SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is the computer base software system for collecting & analyzing the real time data to control, monitoring & protect electrical system that deals with critical. In the past, SCADA system used first time in the year 1960s, and now all the Industrial plant and production plant is going to used.

SCADA is one of powerful computer software system, which help to make whole substation at finger tip and you can control & access whole substation from your finger tip.

Why are SCADA systems important or helpful?

  • The importance of the SCADA system is to allow study or analyzing and anticipate the optimal response to measure the real time condition.
  • For the manpower cover the large geographically area to monitor & control then it going to impossible kind of thing but in the SCADA case it can be possible to monitor & control the large geographically area.
  • SCADA systems are widely used in the many of industry like oil & gas pipeline, water and wastewater, Electrical power system like gas-fired & coal, manufacture, Food and Beverage, Transportation, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture / Irrigation and many more in other sector.

SCADA software & hardware system is helpful to monitoring any critical leak in the pipeline, once system got any leak in the pipeline then it going to create alert with the signal of leak. Each of SCADA software is customized according to the requirement like low budget for small building and high budget for nuclear plant.


What are SCADA systems key components?

Leading company for SCADA software system

Ashida Electronics is known as the one of leading organisation for wide range of protection relays & SCADA in all over India. They installed the SCADA system at your substation so you can control & monitor whole substation at your finger tip. Ashida Electronics was found in the 1970 as the partnership firm but later on company convert into the private limited. Now, Ashida has more than 47 year of industry experience to manufacture electrical protection relay & SCADA. Its work wireless you don’t require to put any extra wiring & fitting for SCADA system.

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