Apps that will be helpful for a year filled with long weekends


Rarely does a year come by with enough holidays that can give an office going person the space to plan a weekend trip according to their wish. 2018 is the year of long weekends, 16 to be precise. This is a golden opportunity for all the people out there who crib about not being able to plan a vacation because of no holidays. Since everything nowadays can be booked online and the hassle of booking on the spot can be very easily avoided, here are 5 Apps that you should definitely have on your smartphone to make your traveling experience better.

  1. Accommodation for your Trip – Airbnb

Need a place to stay but don’t have enough cash? Well then, Airbnb is the answer you have been looking for. With Airbnb, you will have the most authentic experience by staying with the locals in their home. It is nothing like the usual hotel room experience since with Airbnb not only do you get to rent the entire space instead of just a single room you can also choose the house you would want to stay in. Also, Airbnb is extremely cheap in comparison to directly reserving a hotel. You also get basic amenities like a kitchen and sometimes if the family lives there then home cooked food, you can stay with however many people you want to take. Airbnb is the perfect way to feel like at home without actually being at your home. It has also introduced a new feature called Trips in which you can add your experiences during the stay. With time, Airbnb is expected to become an all-in-one travel app that will let you plan your day or book a car and more.

  1. Hop with – Hopper

Travelling via air is generally an expensive affair. Hopper will provide you with the cheapest possible price for a plane ticket. It will provide you with the cheapest dates on which you can fly with the help of their month-view calendar. Hopper will also tell you when to buy your tickets via push notifications. In comparison to other sites, Hopper claims to save 40% on your next flight based on the analysis done.

  1. The All-rounder – TripAdvisor

When we visit a new place we refer to guides, maps, GPS in order to navigate around that place to check out new spots. Similarly, to find their local cuisines, places to stay or famous restaurants to check out, we will either resort to asking people around that area or an even better way would be to look up for genuine reviews. From checking out reviews, opinions, videos and pictures of anything that is related to your trip like restaurants, hotels, airlines etc., you will find millions of options on TripAdvisor. It’s ‘Near Me’ function can be used to find well-reviewed places present near your destination. One of the best things about TripAdvisor is its availability in various countries, making it a necessary App for every traveler. You can also ask travel-related questions and add your own experiences in the App’s forum.

  1. Online Yellow Pages – Yelp

If you are out on a trip and you ask 5 different people about the best restaurant in the locality, only 2 of them will give you the same answer. Now imagine if you want to get reviews not only for restaurants but also for bars, local cuisines and so on. Will you go and keep asking random people or prefer going on a platform that provides you exactly what you need. Yelp is one of the best Apps when it comes to searching for restaurants and bars. This App is not only present in the US but also all around the world. One of the best things about this App is the number of unadulterated reviews given on it. You can hit some of the best spots in the country you are visiting with the help of Yelp. Along with the rave reviews, it also provides information on the hours of operation, a phone number for listings, and sometimes even a menu so that you can have all the knowledge about where you are heading.

  1. Compare deals on – Trivago

Considered as the ‘Best Money Saving App’ all throughout the world, Trivago is the best App when it comes to finding the best deals for you. You can search from over 7 lakh ongoing deals, compare and finally come to a conclusion to your satisfaction. You can always find amazing deals and discounts even during last minutes in the search results of Trivago.

It is a just a matter of few clicks and steps on your smartphone and all your bookings will be done. Before you start worrying about whether your smartphone will be able to store all these Apps or not, relax and take a deep breath. All your smartphone needs to have is enough memory space and a large RAM so that all these Apps can be downloaded and managed with ease. Having a long-lasting battery and a good quality camera would make your memories stay with you forever. Affordable phones like Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 (3GB RAM, 32GB ROM expandable up to 128GB, 5000mAh battery) and Lenovo K8 Plus (3GB RAM, 32GB ROM expandable up to 128GB, 4000mAh battery) come with the above-mentioned requirements. So get ready to pack your bags, download these Apps and get ready to utilise those long weekends to the fullest.

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