Lucky Lady to Experience Hassle Free Holidays in Morocco


It was all over on the internet that Morocco is not benign enough, especially for solo female traveller. I have been around the Europe and as the matter of fact, I didn’t find it safe enough for females. But I believe without stepping out, how one can claim that its heavy raining outside. My childhood dream was to become a journalist, so, it’s always been there in me, to find out the truth behind every mystery. Morocco is also one of the mysterious countries of Africa, prehistoric land with vibrant range of traditions and colours were fascinating me from many years.


A woman like me has never lived under the influence of someone else, any decision either it is imperative or not is my own and I am proud of it. Well, being an only child of my parents and also having a stubborn heart has always lead me to lucky as well as little troublesome life.  There are the times when I want to go completely in an opposite direction but I was told not to.

lucky lady

Initially when I told my parents about planning of holidays to morocco, they gave a horrible look for a minute then bombarded me with so many questions. Is anyone accompanying you? The trip will be of a week, but why? How you’ll manage it alone? The country doesn’t possess quite good reputation, it’s not safe for females, then doubts, what if’s, how, why type of questions carried for almost 2 days. After all this intense conversation or you can also call them sessions, despite being reluctant, they agreed saying “why would you listen to us when you have always followed your stubborn heart”. It hits really hard every time but this is kind of true!!


I planned my journey, booked the holiday package and packed my bag. Now, there comes my own anxiety, obviously after hearing and reading about other’s personal experience, it had to took over my brain. But there was no way out as I have already plunged into the journey.

Anyways, moving forward, landed in Morocco, little bit relived after greeting my tourist guide, Ahmed. He was really kind and told me not to worry (embarrassed!! “Oh, did he sensed my anxiety?”). With an affirmative response, I told him that I am not worried but tired of excitement. He may be thinking that what kind of people get tired of excitement. (sigh!!)


Moving to The Hotel

From the airport till we reached the hotel, Ahmed told me about the places and events we are going to visit in a week. Entered in a Riad like hotel, it started feeling safe because the structure of my accommodation was giving a vibe of being at home and home is comfortable. Apparently, I rested for the day but in real, I was only thinking about the next morning.

Refreshing Morning

A Refreshing Morning

Wake up in the morning with the voices running around the nearby market, people haggling, vendors convincing and grabbing the attention of local and tourists. My breakfast includes, omelette with vegies and cream cheese was delicious and then that green mint tea instead of a coffee was even more refreshing. Indeed, a great start to my holidays.

Later, along with my guide, went to visit souks, the first lesson of my journey was to say “La shoukran”. As we pass by the market, vendors approached with the intention to sell their products, although many items were very fascinating but I had a limited budget, in which travel was only possibility. However, I said no, thank you, breaking their heart or may be mine.  Other than vendors, no one bothers about my presence out there, the purpose of highlighting the matter is to ensure other travellers about the safety of Morocco.


My surroundings were quite colourful and the aroma of food and spices was another fabulous attraction to the sight. I wish I could bring those aromas to you but I have brought the feelings of being in the country of colours and culture.

Quad Biking – Horrible and Hilarious

Headed towards the Sahara for quad biking, I got a new friend in a way, Estelle, who was also from London, we together took the chance of quad biking, she has been there before so I let her drive. It turns out to be the horrible yet most exciting experience of my life.  I didn’t knew I was screaming too loud until, she told me to “shut up! You are not going to die here”.  I can say It without a doubt that, biking was more fun than a camel ride.

Beyond the Marrakech

Beyond the Marrakech

The trip was all going well, we went to Ourika valley, experienced the real Berber’s life, then a trip to Ouarzazate helped me out gathering some facts about ancient history of the country. I must say the country is full of amazing architectural designs, Dubai has been my first captivation, but it is only about the modern Islamic state. Morocco travel is something fruitful, natural beauty, landscapes, long roads. Life in Morocco can be summed up as a less robotic life and it doesn’t mean that they have routines to follow, they do have but most of them have segregated their lives well. Socializing with friends and family is quite common. Evenings are full of laughter and fun filled gatherings.  Days and evening were going quite well but then it came to an end.

A trip was safe enough to travel alone, many time I was not accompanied by my guide and I went alone in the markets, dressing up in their traditional attire, a long kaftan with a head scarf. One can also use it as trick to avoid look like a foreign tourist.  Although people are very cunning but stay firm and you can avoid any mishap.


I am not an expert as I have been there only for a week, according to my observation, it’s not that bad, kind people are just hard to find, being a tourist, vendors, guides and other people will try to convince you on their offers. You have to be firm in your refusal.

A Change to Embrace After a Journey


I came back more confident and with an intense desire of travelling. So far the experience to Morocco was hassle free, I don’t know if I was lucky enough or it is really not that bad as depicted by the other travellers.   Morocco is an incredible country to visit, will surely plan my tour again to the cities that remain undiscovered during these vacations. There is nothing to worry about travelling to Morocco, just pick a trusted travel company, dress modestly, don’t indulge yourself in unnecessary conversation and enjoy every bit of the moment.

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Hi, this is Maria from UK, I am travel blogger, who love writing original and quality content on the exotic destinations around the world. It is an honour for me if some traveller could get a guideline on choosing cheap holiday packages to morocco or any other travel tips and tricks. I have been through all the packing and travel relevant experiences, so, I would be glad if my idea could inspire someone.

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