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Technology is constantly evolving making it necessary to stay up to date with the latest practices that should be applied by us. A fundamental principle of a website is to redesign. An updated website can propel your business to the next level. However, an outdated website can ruin your website credibility. As a website owner, you need to take care of these little things and ensure that your website gets updated regularly.

Every business aims to create an effective website. It all rests on your marketing strategy. Without an effective marketing strategy, your website will lack behind and will fail to see significant results on the website. This article will help you get to know 10 prominent warning signs that your website is in a need of redesign now.

  1. Your website is outdated

The information on your website becomes outdated after some while and fresh content has to be published to provide valuable new information to the viewers. As time progress, viewer’s demands and preferences change. Therefore, you need to make improvements to your website after every now and then otherwise you will lose your potential clients. Incorporating fresh new designs and elements into your web design will bring a new life to your website.

  1. Your website isn’t mobile friendly

A website should not compromise on a website which is not mobile responsive. Roughly 80% of the searches and browsing is done through mobile devices these days which is why a website must be mobile responsive. An effective website pays attention to providing an optimal experience on desktop and mobile devices of all screen sizes. Mobile devices have taken over desktop and laptop as people have started using mobile devices to browse through websites. If you witness your website has low visibility rate, you need to ask yourself if your website is providing a friendly mobile experience to the users.

  1. Your site has a high bounce rate

Bounce rate can be really harmful to any business website. There are several factors that could lead to high bounce rate such as:

  • If the visitor doesn’t find what he’s looking for.
  • If the visitor didn’t get a favorable visiting experience.
  • If the website takes too much time to load
  • If the website isn’t appealing to them

These reasons will result in high bounce rate. Driving a visitor’s attention and keeping them hooked on your website is a crucial task. An effective website should have low bounce rate and higher conversion rate.

  1. Your website has low loading speed

Loading speed is critical in website design. If your website takes more than five seconds to lose there is a high chance you’re going to lose the visitors. Remember, few seconds can make or break the image of your website. If the website has speedy loading, there’s a high chance the visitor is going to stay on the website and leave a positive impression on the viewer. Otherwise, you’re in trouble. You will lose the visitor before your website loads.  Work on your website loading speed to save your website from losing visitors.

  1. Your website is hard to understand

Any visitor coming to your website should know how to get started with your website. The images, fonts, graphics you have integrated into your website might be difficult for the visitors to understand. An efficient website should be designed simple and clear to be comprehended. You should avoid using excessive elements on the website which can lead to confusion.

  1. Your website is difficult to navigate

Research shows that navigation is the key. The visitors coming to your site should find whatever they’re looking for easily. Ideally, they should find the information within two clicks. If your site requires a user to through multiple stages to get to their destination, they will more likely get bored. Navigation should be easy and fast and it should provide a smooth experience to the users.

  1. Your website lacks social media elements

Since the social media existence is advancing, there’s a need for every business to have social media presence and components. Your social media presence will play a part in promoting your online presence. You can share blogs on social media profiles where users can read your content and share it.  Your website needs to be actively participating on social media sites and make it easy for the users to search you on the Social Media Platforms.

  1. Your competitors have redesigned their website

One way of staying up to date in the market is to stay in competition with your rivals. Your business needs to take a look at its competitors and look at the new elements they have integrated into their site. Whether it’s design, layout, font, color, or graphics they use. If they have made any improvement then you need to consider doing it too.

  1. Your website doesn’t have responsive design

If your website is not responsive it will face consequences like zero conversion, low visibility, and high bounce rate. A website should automatically adjust itself to the screen size of whichever device you’re using. The visitors will access your website through different mobile devices. Therefore, your website should be responsive to offer optimal experience to the users.

  1. Your website is not getting conversion rate

No conversion can be harmful to a website which means that users don’t find your site relevant. Even if your website is getting visitors the website, but they are not turning into customers this indicates that there’s something wrong with the website design company.

Conversion rate rests on two things: Design and Navigation.

If the design is outdated then you need to revamp the overall design to give it a new look. Secondly, if the navigation is hard to understand then you need to simplify the navigation to convert a visitor to a potential customer.

Final Words

There’s no hard and fast rule as to when you redesign your website. If you observe the above-mentioned signs that your website is facing take it as a warning that it’s about time you redesign your website. We hope you find this article valuable and informative.

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Lara Jason is a passionate Content Writer who is currently working at a leading Web design company. She holds a degree in literature writing and she has earned many laurels for her write-ups.  She writes about web design/development, marketing strategies, logo designing etc. In her copious free time, she likes to read and travel the world.

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