How to Choose the Best Massage Chair?

how to choose the best massage chair

A high-quality massage chair is a great investment for anyone who wishes to own something, which can offer them the ultimate relaxation. Sitting on the chair can be very soothing to your body. The problem is that it is a bit expensive. Fortunately, you can now use the following tips in choosing the best massage chair guaranteed to give you real value for your money.

  1. Be aware of your exact needs – Before shopping for a massage chair, you have to figure out the specific purpose you intend this item to fulfill. In most cases, people purchase this chair for two viable reasons – one is to relax and the other is to obtain relief from pain. Find out which of these two benefits or purposes you want your chair to fulfill. If your goal is to relax, then find a massage chair mainly designed to give users the highest level of relaxation.

Fortunately, most types and models of massage chairs can help you relax. You just have to make sure that you look for a chair with massage techniques and settings that aim to relax various parts of your body. However, if your goal is to manage or relieve pain, then you may need to spend more time researching about the different massage chairs in the market.

It is crucial to do a thorough research so you can figure out which specific product can really offer relief to the pain you are experiencing. Note that while there are models that can alleviate lower back pain, there are also those that are designed to target the pain affecting the shoulders and neck. Figure out which one you specifically need so you can make the right decision.

  1. Determine your budget – Prior to starting to browse online and physical shops offering massage chairs, you have to make it a point to set a budget. You really have to know how much you are willing to pay for this chair. Such is the key to narrowing down your options, thereby helping you save time. This will also prevent you from choosing really expensive ones when those that have lower prices can already serve their intended purpose.
  2. Determine how much space in your home you can allocate to the chair – Learning the specific amount of space you can allot to the furniture can help you find one, which is not too big that it will already affect everything in your living space. Note that there are massage chairs that are so big and heavy that you will have a hard time setting them up and moving them around. They also tend to eat up too much space.

If your home only has a limited space, especially in the specific area where you plan to put the chair, then you really have to be careful in choosing the right size. Go for one, which can perfectly fit in the limited space. You should not end up being too stressed on how you will organize it due to its big and bulky size.

  1. Check out the features and functions – Most massage chairs boast of their excellent features and functions. You may be tempted to buy one with a lot of features and functions but ask yourself first if you really need all of them. In some cases, the other features integrated into the massage chair are actually not that significant and may only add up to their final price. With that in mind, decide first on the specific features that you need.

If you love playing sports or practice an active lifestyle, for instance, then a massage chair, which features a dependable arm and foot massage, is definitely beneficial for you. Find out the specific features that you need in a massage chair based on the actual purpose you intend it to fulfill. In this case, some of the most vital features and functions you have to check out are the massage coverage, massage styles, programs, and techniques, customizable system, heat and vibration, recliner, zero gravity, and memory foam.

  1. Read reviews and feedback – Another tip for ensuring that you pick the best massage chair out of your many options is to spend time checking out and reading customer reviews and feedback. Educate yourself about what each massage chair on your list can do. Learn about their pros and cons, too. That way, you will know which one can really satisfy your needs.

Apart from the mentioned tips, it is also crucial for you to check out the massage chair’s warranty prior to buying. Check the warranty not only for the chair but also for its parts and labor. It should be durable enough that it can serve you for a long time together with a dependable warranty and service backup.


Choosing the best massage chair does not have to be a complicated and challenging process. By following the tips above, you can make a sound buying decision based on your specific requirement and budget. You can pick a chair designed to offer you numerous benefits, including pain management, stress relief, and relaxation.

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