Career Opportunities in Machine Learning


While Artificial intelligence has made machines intelligent, Machine Learning has taken technology a step ahead, making it smarter with the application of algorithms.

Machine Learning has helped combine technology, math and business analysis into a single work frame. One should not confuse machine learning with data analysis because unlike data analysis, machine learning adjusts program actions accordingly. The very process involves taking series of data, feeding them into the system and allowing system to learn the desired output.

As Machine Learning evolves, it brings with itself a number of career opportunities. Here is a short list of job prospects you can look up to if Machine Learning is your forte!

  • DATA SCIENTIST: They are mainly concerned with the analysis part. Their job role includes data exploration, data visualizations, modelling and finally testing. The job requires one to have a hands on experience from extracting, designing, structuring a data for exploratory and predictive analysis.
  • DATA ANALYST: The job of a data analyst involves interpreting, developing and implementing data analyses, analyzing results using statistical techniques and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.
  • STATISTICIANS: This job role focuses on collecting, analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data with statistical theories and methods and reporting conclusions from the analyses. Knowledge of data mining and machine learning comes handy for a Statistician.
  • DATA ENGINEER: The main responsibility of a data engineer is to deal with structured and unstructured data, integrating, consolidating and cleansing data for further analysis. Though the knowledge of Machine Learning may not be mandatory for them but can be helpful for future insights.

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