Is Cheating on Exams Becoming Worse and Prevalent?

Ever since the methods of examination have evolved, the problem of pupils being involved in some form of cheating has always been there, no matter whichever country it is. And if you are a teacher, you can relate to the fact that no matter how much you keep telling those future-building students about the ethics, values, and significance of truth and honesty, cheating is something that is always going to happen whenever an examination is in the process, and this is becoming very common. You need to know about the latest cheating tricks if you are a teaching professional, or a parent or just researching on why cheating is becoming so common. To read online articles about cheating and the various creative ways of cheating that people have improvised over the years, subscribe to one of the Spectrum Internet Only Plans, for the smooth and steady Internet.

Here is a little research of our own that we have made regarding how cheating in exams is on a constant rise and the various new methods of cheating that people have created and improvised.

Latest Updates on Cheating in Exams


It is alarming that there are extensive cheating methods and different ways of cheating that have been exposed over the previous year. And it might come as surprise to you that they are uncovered at some of the most competitive and prestigious institutes in the nation. Some major instances are Harvard, Stuyvesant School Manhattan, and so on.

Studies and analysis of student behavior and ethics show that a massive number of pupils violate the academic integrity, to at least some degree, and it is not even related to the fact that how big an achiever the student is. Or the fact that if he’s a high achiever, he won’t be involved into these unethical, cheating habits, or if he is one of those who is always lagging behind in studies, doesn’t mean that he will always be the one who is involved in cheating. There is no such hard and fast rule or inclination. There is sound evidence that the problem is worsening, especially over a time period of last few years.

Why So Prevalent?


Education experts believe that the prevalence of this issue has very simple reasons.

  • Firstly, cheating in exams has become somewhat tolerated as it is becoming more and more common.
  • Secondly, cheating has become way too easy, with all those new techniques and innovative ways that students have figured out.
  • Thirdly, both parents and teachers have failed in giving students strong, and effective messages about how corrupt and dishonest this very habit is and the emphasis that its prohibition just as important as the prohibition of drugs or any other vile thing.
  • Fourthly, the psyche behind cheating is, it is done to survive or thrive and more and more students are coming up with justifications like these. Coming up with a justification itself shows that students don’t even consider it a solemn issue, but take it as something trivial, which intensifies the situation.

Reasons and Solutions

cheating exam

Referring to the above-mentioned image, cheating via smartphones is probably the most common form of cheating. At home, the students have subscriptions to steady Internet packages such as Spectrum Internet Offers, and finding answers conveniently on forums like Google on their gadgets, they definitely know that Google (rightly called the Messiah of Digital Age) has answers for every possible thing in the world. And in most of the schools, smartphones are allowed during the examination procedures. And this is how students find a handy and perhaps the most convenient form of cheating through the Internet!

Said that we believe that majority of professors do emphasize the intensity and significance of academic honesty but this is also relatable that some professors make students understand better and inculcate a sense of responsibility and honesty that others may not be able to. So, if you are blaming the teachers only while reading this piece, that wouldn’t be justified, as they can’t just catch every student and every assignment because this is humanly not possible and is too much to expect.

  • But yes, they can make use of plagiarism detection software programs and improvise effective methods of strict consequences in case of catching any such an activity. This will certainly improve the situation.
  • After making a good research, we come to a conclusion that cheating is not as common as people think it is, although, the new methods of cheating are very creative and innovative and professors will have to be smarter to catch them.
  • Smarter detection methods and smarter examination procedures may help in resolving the situation for better.

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