Is It Time to Censor The Internet?


The internet is not a luxury element anymore for anyone in this era but it is more of a necessity now. Surviving without internet is the worst nightmare of human beings today; a dream no one wants to become a reality. There is no task in our lives that can be done without using internet let it be watching movies, cooking food, completing an assignment or finding a perfect spot for holidays.

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A debate that is going too viral in the market is that whether the internet should be censored or not? Both of the teams give strong opinions and reasons for their belief. We have gathered a good amount of reasons for why the internet should not fall under censorship policies. In the end, whether the internet should be controlled or not falls into your hands.

No Freedom of Speech

Whenever the topic of internet censorship is brought up the first objection people raise is the violation of freedom of speech policy. Long before the topic of internet censorship emerged people agreed to give freedom of speech to each living human on Earth. Applying censorship policies on the internet will snatch that right from the people, as everything that someone will say or write will be passing through many filters specifically designed to decide what should be posted and what should not be.

no privacy

The idea of freedom of speech going out of the hands scares the people a lot and they are not ready to give it up at any cost. People believe that censoring the internet would bring the humanity back to the tiny point from where the journey towards the freedom began.

No Privacy

Everyone has the right to his or her privacy disregard of his or her age. The age does not stop a kid from having their privacy. Putting checks on the internet will do nothing but will put a wall distrust between kids and parents. Moreover, the feeling of being watched all the time you are using the internet makes the kids actually commit to bad things.



People believe that guardians should learn to trust their kids and stress less. Even if the internet is censored, kids would learn the things they are not supposed to from somewhere else so, censoring the internet is not the way one should try to cover their kids from the outer bad world.

Biased Control

People believe that once the control of the internet has been handed over to the government, the officials will ban the things that they don’t like or are against to. Human beings can never be unbiased no matter how hard they try the bias surfaces one day or another. This bias can result in racism and unneeded difference created between people living on the same planet.

biased control

It, no doubt, is a strong objection people raises to the idea of internet censorship to leave the opponents speechless. Nevertheless, the opponents never stop coming up with the answers no matter what.

Censorship is not a solution

The major reason people want the internet censored is that of the growing number of kids that are developing interest in watching pornography. However, it is legal in many parts of the world but in some countries, it is illegal to indulge in doing or watching of pornography. People believe that internet has lifted up the industry of pornography because of which child pornography has emerged in the world.

Censorship is not a solution

The other party believes that censoring the internet would not end the issue, as the kids will find another way to reach porn sites. Pornography is not something that was born after the birth of the internet but it is something as old as time so, removing it is not an option. Secondly, people also present an opinion that parental lock is enough to save the kids from the “dark and evil side” of the internet if parents are very much concerned.

Well, the debate that whether the internet should be censored or not will not be reaching to its final answer any soon. If you want to learn about it more or want to cast your own vote, click here. In case you are moving out to a new home, try shifting to an area that falls in the list of optimum internet service areas.

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