3 Mistakes: You Need to Avoid When Doing Facebook Ads


First of all, great thanks to the Facebook’s targeting tools that allow us to define the audience we want to reach by demographic info, interests, and geographic location. There are so many options with regards to audience customization, like a custom audience you create, people that share traits with those visiting your website, or maybe people who are fans of your page.

There are numerous social media channels you can get along with, but with 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, you have more chances to reach your audience through Facebook posts and ads.

Many small businesses, who wish to get benefited with Facebook advertising, are making some terrible mistakes. So here’re a few that you must not make while dealing with Facebook advertising. So let’s dive in:

Not Targeting the Right Audience

With Facebook Ads, you need to target the right audience, or you’ll end up losing money on Facebook ads. There are so many ways that people are not targeting the right audiences with their ads and that are causing them especially small businesses to lose money.

For Example, You are running a Facebook ad in front of people who don’t know you straight to an offer of some sort. It’s exactly like walking up to some strange guy on the bar and saying “Hey man want to have My Baby” and expecting him to say yes. That’s not going to work. You need to ease into that relationship with people.

Sending a sales page or an offer to someone, who doesn’t even know, is not a good idea and it is not marketing to the right audience.

Boosting Posts

Trust me! It’s a solid waste of money. In fact, every Facebook Ads Expert says this thing. Let’s understand first that why it’s a waste of money.

While boosting a post, you come across the truncated version of an actual power editor. IN that interface, you can select the audience you’re boosting too, daily budget, etc. But there’s something that you don’t get to select; it’s the objective of the campaign.

Consequently, Facebook already assigns it the boosted post objective. The advertiser essentially pays for every comment, like, click on any single link within your Facebook Page on the Boosted Post Objective.

So you might end up paying for people to get distracted and going to another stuff you’ve posted on your page to click on that when you wanted them to perform a particular action that you posted a post for.

Not Re-targeting Your Ads

This can be a little confusing but let’s understand this. Once somebody has seen something that you have had to offer whether to ad or maybe some offers but they have not taken action. In another case, they may have taken the first action and now want them to take another action.

In that case, you need to do retargeting. A lot of people and even a lot of Facebook ads managers and strategists are not retargeting, and are wasting a tremendous amount of money. So the way to avoid this mistake is to retarget your ads.

Retarget would undoubtedly turn up lucrative. In fact, it’s one of the most effective strategies recommended by the Reputable Digital Agencies looking after the Facebook Marketing Campaign and social media management Dubai for Huge Brands.

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