Is Guest Blogging Bad for SEO?


For guest bloggers and contributors, it’s time to stop. Under Google’s new “guest blogging equals spam” it’s not planning to penalize you, instead warning put out yesterday. Guest blogging is not bad until you don’t post something to gain links meant to influence Google rankings.

After the declaration of the head of Google’s web spam team that Guest blogging is done, “it’s just gotten too spammy”, some bloggers worried that having guest posts meant to a future of being penalized by Google.

However one of the eminent example was award winning science fiction, author Charles Stross, according to him, it is not about SEO, it’s all about the quality of the content. The writers are pretty much live or die by the quality of their writing.

Guest Blogging for More than SEO is Fine

Here we mainly discuss the collapse and fall of guest blogging for Search Engine Optimization. According to Matt Cutts, leading the search quality team on SEO issues at Google, many good reasons are still there to do guest blogging including branding, exposure, community and increased reach etc.

These all above reasons are existed way before Google and will continue into the future. And of course there are some fantastic guest bloggers out there. This article is not based on whether guest blogging is good or not, it actually based on whether guest blogging is good for SEO or not.

We are not indicating about multi author blogs like Boing Boing, these high quality multi author blogs have been around since the time when web begins and can be useful.  Mainly it is about highlighting that bunch of low quality or spam sites have fastened the lock on to guest blogging as their link building strategy. And lots of spammy attempts have been done for guest blogging.

For that reason, it is recommended to takes some caution when someone is going to offer you a guest blog article. Google in its last update wants to reward those websites that have earned links, instead of those that have gained links without any real efforts. One of the best examples of links that are not actually earned is those places that publish anything offered to them as guest posts.

So how do Google’s algorithms figure out whether a post is guest post? The answer is simple- It can’t. Cutts says ”It’s time to alert especially those who accept guest blog articles or those who do a lot of guest blogging for ranking purpose”. Because by doing this they might find themselves with a spam penalty that would certainly be applied manually.

However there are some cases where Google’s algorithms has been designed to detect behavior automatically it considers spam, like thin content or spamming that the Penguin filter attacks.

‘Basically Google itself could try to figure out whether guest post is good for SEO reasons, but that would be difficult and it’s not the case now.

After reading the updates from Google, I would recommend to stop guest blogging if you are doing it solely for ranking purposes. In case your site deeply optimized by spam team, for such link schemes, it might get penalized.

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