The Best Method Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress


Affiliate marketing is the widely preferred method for many content publishers to make money online. Although an effective way, the biggest downside is that you may forget to add affiliate links in your article. This means you are actually unable to get the money. Don’t worry! The revenue can be recovered easily.

Using automatic affiliate link plugins will allow you to change specific keywords or brand mentions into affiliate links. Hence, you can easily unlock more revenue from existing blog posts.

In case, you forget to add affiliate links into articles, the plugin can fix it and help you make the most of your earning. Another great benefit of automatic affiliate linking is that it adds links to articles that already exist where a particular keyword is cited. It is helpful in monetizing new content as well as making the most out of older ones.

Here, you will learn how to automatically link keywords with affiliate links in WordPress:

Using ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is known to be the best available affiliate link manager plugin on the market.

Step 1: Install and activate the ThirstyAffiliates plugin. Once activated, visit the ThirstyAffiliates » Addons page.

Step 2: Now scroll down to ‘Autolinker addon’ section. Click on the button ‘Go to add-on page’.

Step 3: The button will lead you to the website of ThirstyAffiliates. Remember that Autolinker is a paid addon. You need to pay around $49 dollars for this service. This is worth every penny as you can easily recover investment within the first month after setting it up appropriately.

Step 4: Once you make payment, it is time to download the addon. Now, install the Autolinker addon.

Step 5: Visit Affiliate Links » Settings page upon activation. Scroll down to the Autolinker section.

Step 6: Provide license key for the Autolinker addon. The information is available in your ThirstyAffiliates website account.

Step 7: Enter the email address you used while purchasing the addon. You can see the options for enabling or disabling autolinking on some pages under it such as archives, the homepage, and heading tags. You may enable auto-linking for both bbPress forum threads and custom post types.

Make sure you enable the Random Autolink Placement option. This is important to make your affiliate links look natural. Also enable autolinking in your RSS feeds to maximize your earnings from visitors who read your website content through RSS readers. It will also let you make money from those who scrape / steal content from your website.

Step 8: After configuring your settings, click on the ‘save’ settings button. This will store your changes. If you need assist so feel free to ask us:

Step 9: Now you can add affiliate links. Visit the Affiliate Links » Add New page to add your first affiliate link. Give a name for the link and the destination URL. Now scroll down to the autolinking section. Add keywords that you wish to be automatically linked. Adding multiple keywords separated by comma can also be done. Here, you are allowed to set a limit on the number of times a keyword may be linked in an article.

Step 10: The last step involves adding keywords you wish to be automatically linked. Most experience freelance WordPress designer and developers prefer a limit of one link per keyword. Earlier it was necessary to use around 3 links for each keyword. However, it makes the display crowded with growth of website in future. It is important that you click on the ‘Save link’ button. This will add your affiliate link.

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