Useful Tips for Tinea Versicolor Diet


There is no such thing called tinea versicolor diet. There is an only healthy diet which can help you improve your health. Tinea versicolor is an infection in the skin which is caused by a type of yeast living naturally on the skin.

In some circumstances, you will be more likely to have this disease:

  • Living in tropical area
  • Having oily skin or sweating too much
  • Having a weak immune system

When you get tinea versicolor, the affected sites have a different color than the skin around them. Sometimes, you may have itchy or little bit hurt. The fact is that you cannot change the climate where you live or your skin characteristics. The only thing you can change when having tinea versicolor is your immune system. Improving the immune system is core principle to get rid of tinea versicolor.

Foods you should add in your tinea versicolor diet

In this article, we will recommend the foods which can increase your immune system; moreover, it will help you with the tinea versicolor.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very good for the immune system. The rich in vitamin C of citrus fruits is the key which makes them become the food for who has tinea versicolor or weak immune system. Vitamin C is proven as an important substance in the process of white blood cells production. When you consume the food which has a high amount of vitamin C, it can support your immune system to fight the overgrowth of the yeast which causes tinea versicolor in the skin. That is the reason why you should add more citrus fruits to your diet when having tinea versicolor.

Some citrus fruits which you can consider to consume are orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit.


Garlic is a good choice for your diet when you suffer from tinea versicolor. Garlic is a common spice which appears in any kitchen around the world. More than creating a marvelous taste and smell for dishes, garlic has been known as a natural antiseptic. There is a special compound in garlic called allicin which is proven as an immune-boosting property.

Eating few slices of garlic every day can help you increase the strength of immune system. Through that, the body can control the overgrowth of the yeast which causes tinea versicolor then abnormal color skin areas will disappear.

Garlic has a really strong smell so that after you eat the foods with garlic, chewing gum and mouthwash is what you should do.


Tinea versicolor often happens when your immune system is weak. That is the reason why you should focus to increase the immune system to fight with tinea versicolor. Ginger can help you boost the immune system, and you should intake ginger frequently. You can add ginger to the diet by using it in some sweet desserts, or another simple way is ginger tea. Not only give you a strong immune system, but ginger also can decrease the inflammation, which is useful when you have a sore throat. Also, it can reduce the chronic pain and the risk of getting the cardiovascular diseases.


Like citrus fruits, kiwi is also a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps white blood cells to fight infection. Moreover, kiwi has the high amounts of essential nutrients, including folate, potassium, and vitamin K which are necessary for the body’s metabolism. That is the reason why you should consider to add kiwi to your daily diet to be free from tinea versicolor.


Not many people know that shellfish is the food for the immune system and tinea versicolor. The high content of the protein of shellfish is really meaningful with the body. The organs only work properly if an adequate energy is provided for them and also with the immune system. The immune system only performs its tasks well when it is supplied a sufficient amount of calories. Also, shellfish are rich in zinc which is very important with the immune system cells. Although zinc is good for your immune system, you should not consume more than the daily recommended amount of zinc in your daily diet with tinea versicolor. You should intake less than 11 mg of zinc for adult men and 8 mg for women.

There are various choices with shellfish, such as crab, shrimp, lobster, and crayfish.


Broccoli is also a good food which you should have in your diet when having tinea versicolor. The rich in vitamins and minerals of broccoli are very necessary for the immune system. In addition, broccoli can slow down the aging process by having many antioxidants.

Foods you should avoid in your tinea versicolor diet

Besides, there are some foods which you also need to consider restricting when having tinea versicolor.

Greasy food

Greasy food may be your favorite, but you should cut down it. Greasy food is not good for the skin’s health because it can take the body a longer time to get over the tinea versicolor. Also, greasy food is harmful to the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal organs so reducing the consumption will help you have better health.


When you intake too much sweet food, your tinea versicolor may become more severe. When having tinea versicolor, you should consider cutting down the sweet food to heal quickly.

Note: You should contact the dermatologist to have an advanced consultation about your skin condition when having tinea versicolor.

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