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Are you planning to study abroad in the United States? But, is the cost of education pulls you back? Then, you should look for a destination that offers MBA at an affordable price. Yes, you can choose Canada as your higher education spot to do your MBA course.

Canada is becoming one of the familiar study-abroad destinations across the world. Studying at the door next to the United States in Canada is an excellent idea for aspiring MBA students. Further, the Canadian Government makes efforts to attract more international students.

The Canadian government has also launched an international education strategy intending to paying attention to maintaining the global position of the nation in the higher education arena.

Why choose Canada?

Are you still concerned whether or not selecting Canada for your MBA can be the right choice? Then, you should read the following five reasons to choose Canada for pursuing your MBA course:

  1. Affordable fee structure:

Studying management courses in Canada is more affordable as compared to the United States, the UK and Australia. Not just the fee structure, but also the cost-of-living is lower in Canada comparatively. Further, the country has places to explore both inside and outside the campus. You will get to see different adventures, art, music and foods.

  1. Quality education:

Of course, you should evaluate the quality of education before you choose any B-School. In addition to quality education, excellent career opportunity is a stamp of Canadian Universities. Further, with an updated curriculum, you will find useful lessons for the future. Moreover, B-Schools in Canada offer scholarships, exposure and excellent infrastructure as well.

  1. Full value for your money:

Paying for your education is money that you spend towards your future. For study abroad courses, the tuition fee is the most significant financial undertaking for most students. You can get a full return on the money that you spend on your studies. In fact, this course will help you improve your career prospects. The reason is that degrees obtained from Canadian Universities and B-Schools have international recognition.

As you will get a comprehensive education of both practical and theoretical knowledge, it will help with your future. Further, there is the excellent chance that you will also get valuable work experience along with your course in Canada.

  1. Experience multiple cultures:

Another critical reason to choose Canada for your MBA is the opportunity to learn about various cultures. Further, Canada is a country with peaceful environment and political stability. So, you can stay calm. Moreover, there are two official languages in the country. One is English, and the other is French. In turn, it will help you in developing their new language skills.

  1. Universities with global ranking:

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, in addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, Canadian Universities also rank top in QS World Ranking. As per the recent QS Ranking for the year 2018, the world ranks of the top 5 Canadian Universities are as follows:

University QS 2018 Rank
University of Toronto 31
McGill University 32
University of British Columbia 51
University of Alberta 90
Université de Montréal 130

In addition to these top 5 universities, many other Canadian Universities form part of the ranking table published by QS.

Where to study MBA?

In addition to these universities, you should ensure that you choose a B-School for your MBA. Here are the top names when it comes to B-Schools in Canada:

  • University of New Brunswick, Saint John Faculty of Business
  • University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business
  • Sauder Business School, University of British Columbia
  • Desautels School, McGill University
  • Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University
  • University of Toronto: Rotman School
  • York University’s Schulich School of Business

So, choose Canada for your MBA course, and you will reap the benefits mentioned above.

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