6 Reasons To Choose a Web Design Company Rather Than A Freelance Web Designer


It is increasingly becoming important to have a web presence for every company and indeed for every individual in order to move ahead in career or business. This Website design involves developing and maintaining websites, which could encompass a lot of different skills like authoring, using graphics, the UI or the interface design, using the best practices in terms of security, UX design, Search engine optimizations and a few more. Web design partly overlaps with Web Engineering in a broader scope. Depending on the time and money availability, one can choose whether to invest in a freelance web designer who charges very less compared to hiring a relatively costlier web development team or a web design company. As a professional blogger and CEO of VOCSO Technologies, I am going to make you aware why you should choose professional web design company over a freelance?

It can be a very difficult to make, but here in this article, I will point out the 6 reasons why you should choose a Web design company over a Freelance Web designer.

6 Reasons:

  1. Services offered and Specialization:

We can easily assume that the employees of a web design company big or small is well qualified and would have gotten a black belt equivalent to whatever they do. It could be any of the above-mentioned web design tasks. This is because companies are becoming more intolerant of poor performance and quality of work, thus they always retain and hire the best of the people in the industry. On the other hand, it is unrealistic to expect a freelancer to have all the qualifications required for web design. Even if the person is freelancing for a long time, he/she will not necessarily know the nuances and tricks involved in delivering a high-quality website. We can also say that a web design company with 3 designers is much more efficient and qualified compared to 3 individual freelancers and they are guaranteed to provide the best of the services to the client without any delay or hassles.

  1. Use of Latest Technologies:

The top web design companies always update and upgrade their services with the latest technologies in the market. These companies have the people with the right expertise in judging what will suit and work best for any particular website. It is easy to see that there will be healthy discussions taking place within the team before they come to a conclusion. Such highly reputed companies will be ready to invest in anything to get their project done because of the financial stability. Most of the freelancers make use of the open source resources to get their job done and in most cases, this won’t provide optimal performance. A freelancer can be thought of as a book while a Web design company is a huge library with millions of resources where you can expect to get everything.


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  1. Meeting the Deadlines and communication:

It is quite dangerous to even think that everything will go smoothly and easily as expected. Disaster or bad things can happen anytime. This applies to both the web firms and the freelancers. While in such cases of bad luck, a web firm will always have a back up to get things on track or at least they will have other resources available handy to resolve the issues. In fact, they would have even experienced it before and are more knowledgeable than a freelancer.

  1. Cost:

It is always thought that web design firms are always expensive compared to a freelancer. It can be agreed as well as disagreed. Not all companies charge higher and also the price depends upon the service you are opting. You cannot expect a website like Amazon or Facebook with all the attractive features to be built by a freelancer at a cheaper cost. In most cases, there is an average budget that needs to be put on a website design; else the output won’t be as intended. Therefore, even if it costs a couple of dollars more, it is advised to approach a reliable firm for web design services as compared to a freelancer.

  1. Reliability, Trust and Efficiency:

Most of the freelancers work on the project in order to just make additional income and they may not have long-term goals like getting a high reputation as a Freelancer. Whereas any firm would have a clear-cut vision and a goal to expand their business, make more jobs, bring more clients and so on and indeed they even have the resources to get it done. You can always have trust that the firm will be there and won’t vanish in a day. But, if a freelancer fails in delivering something or finds anything wrong, they are more prone to withdraw from the project rather than pursuing it.

  1. Ideas:

A team can come up with new ideas and improvement strategies compared to a freelancer. Web design firms will have managers, graphic designers, Testers, FrontEnd and BackEnd Engineers, marketers and many other people who work together to make your website and your business a grand success. In fact, such firms consider your business as theirs and thus give their best of the efforts to make it happen.

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Deepak Chauhan is a digital business strategist and CEO of VOCSO, a creative digital agency based out of India, USA & UAE. The web business strategist, who has 12+ years of experience, has worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with his strategic consulting. When not working, he enjoys traveling, photography and satisfying his taste buds.

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